Hangin’ with Weiner: Reporters live-tweet door-knocking campaign

Candid photography enthusiast and mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner today announced his plan for New York City police officers to wear tiny lapel cameras to record their interactions with residents, but it was Weiner’s door-to-door trek later in the day that had us wishing he was wearing one, just this once. Weiner was accompanied by a number of reporters as he knocked on apartment doors in Harlem.

Here’s Scott Conroy’s coverage of his “revealing hour” with Weiner.

Self awareness fail: Anthony Weiner tells British reporter ‘it’s hard to take you seriously’

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These Family Photo Recreations Are The Best Things You’ll See All Day. What is Going On In #20??

No one knows exactly where it started, but the internet is now teeming with pictures of people recreating their childhood photos as adults. There’s even an entire subreddit for it. While these recreations are usually funny and make great gifts for parents (hint hint), they can also sometimes be a bit creepy. Here are 30 childhood photo recreations showing the best of both worlds.

1.) Dad still looks good in this picture.

2.) Welp, that is certainly some family togetherness.

3.) First best friend.

4.) One for the Xmas cards.

5.) Brothers and sister. Those are some hairy legs.

6.) Spaghetti is still her favorite food.

7.) I wonder if those are the same shoes in both pictures.

8.) Ok, this one is a bit too creepy.

9.) Best wallpaper ever.

10.) Still together 50 years later (with the same car).

11.) Meeting Hulk Hogan again.

12.) They recreated their facial expressions perfectly.

13.) “Am I holding the baby the right way?”

14.) Kinda hard to recreate the Berlin Wall in your photos these days.

15.) Still on that kid diet of burgers and pizza.

16.) So close.

17.) Father and son 60 years apart.

18.) Looking fabulous at any age.

19.) “I got sand in my mouth again!”

20.) Still a badass.

21.) Umm what?

22.) BFFs over here.

23.) Getting comfy in the kitchen.

24.) Family truck photo.

25.) They even got the hand placement just right.

26.) It’s a little less charming as an adult.

27.) How did they fit into those buckets again?

28.) Dad is the calm center of the universe.

29.) “Check out these biceps bro.”

30.) Probably my favorite.

H/T: BoredPanda I think it’s time to get my siblings together for some recreations of our own. Share these photos by clicking below.

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