Law-abiding: Congressman reports deer properly using crosswalk and signal!/jaredpolis/status/320935322013810688
Twitchy is happy to report that deer in Boulder, Colo., are obeying the law and using proper crosswalk protocol when crossing the street.

@jaredpolis Saw this yesterday, same place. At least 6, crossed at the pedestrian walk signal. No jaywalking deer in Boulder!

— GM Know (@GMKnowBoulder) April 7, 2013

Law-abiding deer are hard to find these days.

@jaredpolis and they say Canada is polite 😉

— Coral Reefer (@CoralReefer420) April 7, 2013

The individual in the following video wants answers as to why deer crossing signs are posted in areas with a high volume of traffic.

Contact Rep. Polis (or Sen. Charles Grassley?) today if you have concerns about signs blatantly encouraging deer to cross the road in highly-trafficked areas.

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