When it pours…

As I look into the green expanse outside my window, the trees drooping with soggy leaves, I am reminded of those days when July and August meant heavy rains. We have had a good spell of rains in our pRead more: http://www.thehindu.com/features/metroplus/when-it-pours/article8917983.ece?utm_source=RSS_Feed&utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=RSS_Syndication

Some Girls Count Calories

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Overnight celebrity tweets – 26 March 2012

http://twitter.com/#!/elizadushku/status/184126932621860865 “@Animaljunkie: @DeanLeh @EdBegleyJr @WhiteHouse I tried to sign the petition, but it won't accept my UK post code. What the heck!”Sorry! — Ed Begley, Jr. … [Continue reading]

They Took Their 1-Year-Old Out In The Snow, And What She Did Is So Awesome

For many people, snow is an inconvenience. It messes up the roads and makes it almost impossible to get to work on time. And we all know that shoveling is horrible. It's all just part of one big headache. But for the people who enjoy snow, this is … [Continue reading]

Colorado passes universal background check bill

http://twitter.com/#!/VP/status/312697705984032768 Vice President Biden’s office tweeted its congratulations to the Colorado legislature (but not its citizens, natch) for its passage of universal background check legislation, which … [Continue reading]

Is she KIDDING? Donna Brazile NOT seen as right person to promote this event

This is rich! https://t.co/sLgFBUYXoK — Marielle Lilou (@MarielleLilou) June 3, 2017 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Yet another anti-Trump Resistance march is under way in cities around the country, and former DNC head Donna Brazile was … [Continue reading]

Obamacare to provide retroactive health insurance?

http://twitter.com/#!/davepetno/status/311912719618019329 Normally, the purpose of insurance is to protect against risks that may occur in the future. People typically are not allowed to buy flood insurance after their house is under water. But the … [Continue reading]

By Flattening Raw Cinnamon Rolls In A Pan, He Created Something You NEED To Try

Next time you want something sweet, remember this recipe. Instead of making another round of red velvets (despite how good they are), we've got something far better for you...apple pie cupcakes made with cinnamon roll buns! All you'll need are the … [Continue reading]

Miners Alley Completes Neil Simon Trilogy with “Broadway Bound”

GOLDEN — With their production of Broadway Bound, Miners Alley completes the “Brighton Beach Trilogy,” Neil Simon’s three autobiographical plays, performed over three seasons. This last installment is about a young man growing up and becoming a … [Continue reading]

He Put A Camera In A Bucket Of Water And Captured The Beauty Of Life

Sometimes, it's nice to look at things from a new perspective. John Wells has been doing that his whole life. He moved from New York to what he calls "the middle of nowhere" in southwest Texas where he works in sustainable energy. He even managed to … [Continue reading]