This Would Make A Perfect Seatbelt Safety Ad

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SciTech camp at Regis University shares the thrill of STEM careers with girls

REGIS — Sixteen middle-school girls from throughout the Denver metro area attended the Regis University Science and Technology (RU SciTech) summer camp at the University’s Northwest Denver Campus last week. What was noticeable? The camaraderie. The laughter. And the intensity of their learning. The camp, in its fifth year and funded by the Ball Foundation, […]

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I Certainly Won't Be Robbing That House…

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Winning the nutrition game in Northwest Denver

DENVER — Since my last article, readers have asked how can a person transition from a traditional western diet to eating only plants? Where did you get your information? Where do you eat out in North Denver? Let’s start with the fun thing first. … [Continue reading]

#FacebookDown! Unable to post on Facebook? You aren’t alone!/kimpoyfeliciano/status/392274525045280768 There is a Facebook down! Repeat: a Facebook down!!/heyLauraFreed/status/392261294226542592!/lesliecarbone/status/392269469763915778 Yes, they … [Continue reading]

Street Seen: 4th of July BaDa Bang!

HIGHLANDS — It wouldn’t be summer without the annual Highland 4th of July Picnic and Parade. This year the event celebrated Miss America’s 241st birthday and its 10th anniversary as the quintessential neighborhood gathering. Hosted by merchants from … [Continue reading]

Have You Ever Been So Excited To Go Outside

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BDT’s “Joseph” Engaging, Professional, Lively Fun

BOULDER — It is a fair distance up to Boulder from our Northwest Denver neighborhood, but there is a lot of good theater to justify the trip. Productions range from classics at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival to contemporary works at the Dairy … [Continue reading]

‘The actual state of the union’: Photos show Obama admin’s partner in peace arresting US sailors

Secretary of State John Kerry has thanked Iran for releasing ten U.S. sailors they had taken into custody: In Obama’s State of the Union address last night, the president highlighted a new era of relations between the U.S. and Iran. Judging … [Continue reading]

Youth camp at Sloan’s lets disabled kids soar

SLOAN LAKE — “‘You changed my life.’ That’s what disabled adults who participated in the youth camp as kids tell me, says Matt Feeney, founder of Adaptive Adventures.“Having the opportunity to participate in sports builds the kids’ self-esteem and … [Continue reading]