Not all celebs are on the Chick-fil-A hate train!/Wolfiesmom/status/230850574470508546
Actress Valerie Bertinelli and Renee Baio, wife of Happy Days actor Scott Baio, have come out in support of Dan Cathy’s right to his own opinion. It is courageous and risky for those in the entertainment business to break from the hard left line and say something that will be unpopular among their peers.

Valerie, thankfully, had people who were not quick to blame her for “hating.”

@Wolfiesmom THATS ALL IVE BEEN TRYING TO SAY! No i dont agree with him, but thats why its called a PERSONAL opinion!

— Ephiny (@Mandalya) August 2, 2012

However, not everyone played nice.

Renee Baio’s original Tweet:

She continued to discuss the topic with class…

…and got a Chick-fil-A-related RT from her hubby:

So glad these two understand the Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day was not primarily about gay marriage, but about the freedom to say what one wants and not be penalized by the government.

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