Epic Understatements

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The Way You’ve Been Cutting Cake Is Wrong. Here’s The Best Way To Do It.

Okay, I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is: you’ve spent your entire life cutting cake the wrong way. The good news is: the right way, which you can learn how to do below, will help keep your cake from getting stale before … [Continue reading]

Adam And Eve Didn’t Think Different

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Keeper At Rhino Conservancy Sleeps

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Helping Out A Little Fox

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You Know, If You Take Everything I've…

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Look How Happy This Man Is With His Onion

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We’ll Just Wait, He’ll Be Here Soon

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If That Means We're Gonna Drift Apart…

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‘You wanna talk Russia, I wanna talk America.’ Kellyanne Conway SCHOOLS CNN and Chris Cuomo

+1 Kellyanne Conway. And sorry but could Chris Cuomo be ANY MORE of an arrogant dbag? Watch: .@KellyannePolls talks infrastructure, health care, jobs and more: https://t.co/awTRM7CFNZ — New Day (@NewDay) July 10, 2017 … [Continue reading]