Now My Childhood Feels Like A Major Fail…

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This Horribly Jerky Note Shows Why You NEVER Judge Someone Without Knowing Them.

Acting as a crusader and lashing out at others seems noble, but you should watch your mouth before you unleash a stream of hatred... because you could just be plain wrong. A man left an angry note on a car using a handicapped spot, asking to see his … [Continue reading]

‘My irony meter just melted’: Dude, Tommy Vietor had a ‘lotta nerve’ to say this

Dude. Dude. Former Obama NatSec spokesman Tommy Vietor really stepped in it yesterday: Not one of your brightest moments, Tommy Boy. No kidding. He was practically begging to be smacked around for that one. And tweeters were only too happy to … [Continue reading]

Video: Obama voter says murdered US ambassador to Libya ‘had it coming’!/RBPundit/status/251409377695776770 Viral videos of Dems reveling in their ignorance have turned September into humiliation-palooza for the Left. We saw an Obama banshee screeching about her Obama phone and heard … [Continue reading]

This Girl Just Flipped Feminine Beauty On Its Head. These Grotesque Photos Say It All.

I once read this quote that has stuck in my mind: "What some women do to themselves for beauty would be considered torture if done by one person to another." Australian artist Jessica Ledwich seems to agree with that quote, judging by this art … [Continue reading]

I Ate Pizza, I Saw Something Strange…

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Our Cat Wakes Us Up By Yelling In Our Face And

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Snort! Valerie Jarrett photo-touts Obama interview with ‘Family Feud’ host!/tlingerfelt22/status/412586988902957056 Heh. Not quite, but close! Lying liar who lies, Valerie Jarrett, took to Twitter to promote the president’s upcoming interview with Steve Harvey, host of the Tea Party-bashing … [Continue reading]

Steve Rattner stunned that some Americans want a balanced budget!/SteveRattner/status/379305446709809152 Why would two out of five Americans want the federal government to spend within its means? Many of Rattner’s readers assure us that only ignorant neanderthals could believe … [Continue reading]

And This Is Why The Microsoft Excel Logo…

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