‘Insane’ Alan Colmes: ‘You’re scare mongering and hurting the country’

http://twitter.com/#!/steveno88/status/517835913104465920 Left wing pundit Alan Colmes—who never met a DNC talking point he didn’t repeat ad nauseum—was on The O’Reilly Factor tonight discussing the Ebola situation. He said … [Continue reading]

Pitbull and your daily Twitter death hoax

http://twitter.com/#!/akshay_daryani/status/206081947007590400 Twitter has had more fictional deaths than the entire Die Hard franchise combined. A new one popped up today, all fresh and ready for worldwide trending. Twitter’s been blowing … [Continue reading]

Best Accidental Cappuccino Foam Ever…

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Found A Target On My Way To Class…

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#GOPartyofwomen: No ‘Julias’ here

http://twitter.com/#!/gopfirecracker/status/228174962672943104   Bingo. Conservatives don’t reduce women to the sum of their girly bits only. They honor and respect women as, you know, individuals. What a concept! Yesterday, conservative … [Continue reading]

Poor dam management responsible for Bihar flood – Times of India

The Bansagar dam authority had opened 16 of its 18 gates on August 19, releasing a huge amount of water in one go. It led to the Ganga rising to unprecedented levels in Patna and elsewhere in Bihar and UP.Read more: … [Continue reading]

is a victim

http://twitter.com/#!/MelissaTweets/status/425715747201888257 Better grab your hankies, folks. Piers is having a really rough day: http://twitter.com/#!/piersmorgan/status/425714874857959424 Awww … poor baby. When there’s a deadly … [Continue reading]

29 Reasons You Should Never Go To The South Of France

<b>So clich&Atilde;&copy;.</b> 1. People have this idea that the south of France is some kind of heaven on earth. … [Continue reading]

Obama inspired by auto worker who won the lottery but kept coming to work

http://twitter.com/#!/AJELive/status/243906663969611776 Naturally, Twitter couldn’t resist having a little fun with this: Could've left and saved someone else's job. Greedy 1 percenter. RT @jimgeraghty: Lottery winners give Obama … [Continue reading]

Strike by anganwadi workers enters seventh day

The indefinite hunger strike staged by Anganwadi workers and assistants entered the seventh day in Kalaburagi city on Monday. The Karnataka State Anganwadi Workers and Assistants Federation affiliateRead more: … [Continue reading]