New tone: Obama urges GOP to ‘peel off partisan war paint,’ get fiscal cliff deal done!/viewofadam/status/281451073045135360 President Obama held a press conference today that was intended to focus on gun control. Instead, reporters’ first questions were about the fiscal cliff. When confronted about the … [Continue reading]

Readers notice something strange about this morning’s NYT in Pakistan [pics]!/aysharalam/status/447248979425001472 Readers tweeted out pictures of this morning’s edition of the New York Times in Pakistan, which displayed nothing in the space that many think should have contained a story on what … [Continue reading]

Zendaya Wrote A Powerful Defense Of Her Hair After Racist Comments On E!’s “Fashion Police”

<b>&ldquo;I feel like she smells like patchouli oil,&rdquo; Giuliana Rancic said.</b> &ldquo;Or weed,&rdquo; another host added. <b>Update:</b> Rancic has <a … [Continue reading]

Found A Dog This Morning…

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Texas Sen. Wendy Davis’ #Stand4TXWomen tour certainly looks like a campaign!/WendyDavisTexas/status/355363627408162816 Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis today expressed her relief that the Senate had “finally focused on important issues” facing the state other than the “dangerous” … [Continue reading]

Salute: Journalists, politicians and citizens honor Flag Day!/adamsbaldwin/status/213275375814459393 Happy Flag Day is trending on Twitter this morning as users patriotically honor the day. Ann Romney tweets out a link to her husband’s site, where people can share what Flag Day … [Continue reading]

Leggings Aren't Pants

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Just Think Out Of The Six Million People In…

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Sorry, liberals: The water in Flint is better than many cities in Penn.

From the way the MSM is covering the Flint water story, you’d think it was an isolated problem thanks to Michigan’s Republican governor. For example the tweet above from Michael Moore calling for the arrest of Gov. Rick Snyder and this … [Continue reading]

Dems position Paycheck Fairness Act as raise, ignore White House disparity With both the president and vice president kicking their high-profile gun control pushes into overdrive this week, today was probably not the day to add another liberal cause to the mix. … [Continue reading]