Gentrification in Denver: The Challenges, The Possibilities and the People

DENVER — The SEED Institute at Regis University College of Business & Economics has joined forces with the Alliance for a Sustainable Colorado to organize a three-night event that will examine in depth the pros and cons of gentrification in the … [Continue reading]

States Nullifying NDAA “Indefinite Detention” Growing

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) funding national defense and updated every December, despite a few modifications, continues to “require the military to hold suspected terrorists linked to Al Qaeda or its affiliates, even those captured … [Continue reading]

Senate moves on Gang of 8’s amnesty proposal; Conservatives slam Rubio!/markknoller/status/344555333047427072 CBS News’ Mark Knoller has some good advice for those planning to read the 1,992-page immigration reform bill that moved forward in the Senate today by a vote of 84-15; you can skip … [Continue reading]

Denver Prepared for Winter Storm

DENVER ­— With snow in the forecast for Denver the next few days along with very cold temperatures, the city is calling out its fleet of large snow plows and smaller residential plows to respond to the storm.  Both teams will be ready to deploy today … [Continue reading]

#ObamaDebateExcuses result in instant classics. Gold, Jerry, gold!/amylutz4/status/253706586051194882 Oh, the giggle-snorts! As Twitchy reported, President Obama was flailing up a storm during the first presidential debate in Denver last night. The Schadenfreude, it was delicious. Twitter users … [Continue reading]

The Shirt Knows What's Up…

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Tumulty ruins the olinguito for everyone; Stockman to the rescue! [pics]!/ChrisFaile/status/368026292580413440 The world oohed and aahed over the Smithsonian’s announcement of a newly named mammal species on Thursday. Behold the olinguito, described as “a cross between a house … [Continue reading]

New Denver Food Vision provides blueprint for a healthier, stronger, more resilient Denver

DENVER — Following a series of 22 public outreach events earlier this year, the City and County of Denver has completed its initial draft of the Denver Food Vision, a policy document intended to guide the development of the city’s food system. The … [Continue reading]

My Brother Took This Picture Of Someone Tagging Up

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Mayor Hancock’s New Year’s Message

My friends –  Well, another year has come and gone, and 2016 certainly was an eventful time for our country. Here in Denver, we have remained true to who we are and prospering as the welcoming, genuine, progressive city that we all love. So, … [Continue reading]