BAHAHA! Ted Cruz tweets tribute to snowflakes everywhere, breaks Twitter (video)

We. Love. This. Two comedian country stars decided to make a (hilarious) stance for conservatives in America. Friends in Safe… — PolitiChicks (@ThePolitiChicks) March 15, 2017 // … [Continue reading]

Me: Free Food Shelter And Toys. What More Could..

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Budding bromance? Rob Lowe tweets selfie at sea; Gavin Rossdale responds [pic]!/RobLowe/status/331967415195934721 Oh my. First Rob Lowe tweeted a photo of his swoony surf Sunday and now this. @roblowe Meow. — Chantal Ireland (@VixenCoffee) May 8, 2013 Still throbbing hearts, sir! RT @roblowe: … [Continue reading]

Kid: Can I Take A Nap?

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Occupy Wall Street turns 2, has birthday party, is cranky [photos]!/Uneditedcamera/status/379943688308133889 As Twitchy reported, today is Constitution Day, but it’s also the second anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Allison Kilkenny wrote a piece commemorating the … [Continue reading]

WaPo presents another holiday horror story: the wokest Thanksgiving dinner ever?

The piece by Tova Mirvis in Monday’s Washington Post is actually a reasonably sweet tale of a woman navigating the first Thanksgiving of a second marriage and trying to please everyone, but the tweet and headline promoting it sounds like … [Continue reading]

For Everyone Who Misses The White And Gold Dress

<b>I was young and foolish and now I can&rsquo;t go back.</b> 1. Remember the first moment you saw the dress? You didn't … [Continue reading]

Kirstie Alley gets trashed after climbing aboard the #TrumpTrain

Hollywood actress and Twitchy regular Kirstie Alley announced a few moments ago that she’s officially endorsing Donald Trump for president: I am an eccentric person who is conservative … My primary goal is sanity, happiness and freedom … [Continue reading]

Notice anything familiar about Donald Trump’s ‘struggle’? These people did!

As Twitchy readers know, people were laughing over something Donald Trump said. He said things haven’t always “been easy” and that he once had to get a small loan … of one million dollars … from his dad. While many are … [Continue reading]

I Went To Philadelphia’s Pre-Dawn Wing Eating Contest And Stared The Devil Right In The Face

<b>Can the Wing Bowl, with its rampant gluttony, sexism, and debauchery, survive in 2015?</b> I went home to see for myself. … [Continue reading]