Community Post: Which Member Of Taylor Swift’s Friend Group Are You?

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Obama addresses reporters from the Oval Office on Calif.

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18 People Who Are Absolutely Nothing If Not Passionate…And Maybe A Little Crazy

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I Think We Should Stop Producing Guns…

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There's That Gallup Poll…

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‘Consequences’? Fred Thompson zings Obama’s Ukraine line!/caligram1/status/438372474447609856 Red lines … blow awaaaaay.!/fredthompson/status/438365641259905024 Hey, Obama probably didn’t draw that line. Somebody else made that happen. (Pesky world!) A … [Continue reading]

King of Strawmania David Frum advises against arguing with ‘non-specific ‘they”!/davidfrum/status/375091191198412801 And when you tweet, you should try a little self-awareness on for size. Case in point: David Frum picking gun control fights with straw men in his Twitter feed David Frum blasts … [Continue reading]

Hema Malini opens new Twitter account for constituency work – Times of India

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Terror reference scrubbed during 12 edits of Libya talking points; Lapdogs spin!/redsteeze/status/332818592427036672 #Benghazi now trending No. 1 in US after talking points revisions revealed in ABC report… — Jon Passantino (@passantino) May 10, 2013 So about those … [Continue reading]

Did a clairvoyant Exjon predict today’s ‘nightmare’ scenario?!/frankgillespie/status/515307921425825794 <shudder> — jon gabriel (@exjon) September 26, 2014 What exactly is in that cup Exjon is always sipping from? Some sort of psychic potion?  How … [Continue reading]