Hyundai fined $100M for violating the Clean Air Act; GM only fined $35M

A tale of two fines by the federal government.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy just tweeted out this brag on how much the government was able to fine and collect from Hyundia/Kia over allegations the South Korean automaker provided erroneous emissions data to the public:

The WSJ reports that the actual fine, however, amounts to $300 million once the emissions credits are accounted for:

Korean auto makers Hyundai Motor Co. and Kia Motors Corp. agreed to pay a combined penalty of $300 million for overstating fuel-economy claims, the largest such punishment ever, in a settlement that could create a pricey precedent for other car companies.

Hyundai and Kia, affiliates of Hyundai Motor Group, will pay a combined $100 million in civil fines and forfeit regulatory credits valued at $200 million to settle a two-year long probe by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Justice Department, the agencies said.

That’s a big fine. But how does it compare to what the government was able to collect from General Motors for GM’s delay in reporting a faulty ignition switch issue that’s been linked to “at least 13 deaths“?

The “maximum” fine for GM was $35 million, but Hyundai and Kia were just fined $300 million?

How in the world do the government justify this discrepancy?


‘People died, truth was hidden’: Fox Business’ Charles Payne calls $35 million fine for GM ‘bogus’

‘They’re #1!’ Bin Laden is dead — and GM’s getting closer to joining him

‘Another day, another GM recall’: GM reaches unfortunate milestone for 2014


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Twitter suspends account of group combating sexual assault in Egyptian protests

As Twitchy reported earlier today, Egyptians are taking steps to address the misogynistic violence in Tahrir Square and are spreading the word via social media. A group of women created a special Twitter account, @TahrirBodyguard, to help combat sexual attacks on female protesters.

The account has now been inexplicably, repeatedly suspended by Twitter, placing the lives of Egyptian women at risk.

please twitter stop suspending @tahrirbodyguard, they’re trying to provide much needed help to women on #tahrir. it is serious and urgent!

— sebastiao nascimento (@bastelik) November 27, 2012

The group has set up a back-up account, @TahrirBGBackUp:

Since Twitter keeps suspending @TahrirBodyguard for now reason, this is our back-up account. We won’t give up on protecting women in #Tahrir & its surroundings!

We don’t know why twitter keeps suspending our @tahrirbodyguard account. We’ve been working very hard so don’t need this #TahrirBodyguard

— Tahrir Guard BackUp (@TahrirBGBackUp) November 27, 2012

We won’t give up on helping women stay safe, so keep using the #TahrirBodyguard hashtag until we resolve our issues with twitter

— Tahrir Guard BackUp (@TahrirBGBackUp) November 27, 2012

We are getting your reports and forwarding them to people on the ground so keep tweeting. #TahrirBodyguard. Email [email protected]

— Tahrir Guard BackUp (@TahrirBGBackUp) November 27, 2012

Account suspended or not, we started something and we will keep fighting. #TahrirBodyguard.

— Tahrir Guard BackUp (@TahrirBGBackUp) November 27, 2012

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Super rare Mercedes-Benz 190E Evolution 2 for sale #190E #evo2

This 1990 190E Evolution 2 is #146 of 500 made and was never officially sold in North America. A special car and akin to the an E30 M3 Evolution, these Mercedes-Benz Evo 2’s were homologation models that allowed MB to enter the competitive German Touring Car Championship series.
The 190e Evo 2 w… #Evo2, #Mercedes190EEvo2, #AlfaRomeo33Stradale, #AlmazAntey, #BMW, #BMW3SeriesE36, #Cosworth, #HewlettPackard, #McLarenF1, #Mercedes, #MercedesBenzW201, #NorthAmerica, #UnitedStates

Aw: Press complain of being ‘prisoners’ during Obama’s vacations [video]

That’s just the president, however. The White House Press Corps travel pool that follows him on vacation doesn’t have it so good. That is, according to some members of the White House Press Corps travel pool:

Meanwhile, as the press pool was munching stale bread and outdated olive loaf in a bus in the parking lot:

Maybe if this picture was enlarged we could see the faces of a couple of poolers pressed against the window in the background.

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President George H.W. Bush honors Coach K for work battling cancer

President George H.W. Bush, along with wife Barbara, is a founding honorary chair of C-Change, which “assembles key cancer leaders from the three sectors — private, public, and not-for-profit — and from across the cancer continuum — prevention, early detection, treatment and quality of life.”

President Bush today met with Duke University’s Mike Krzyzewski, better known as Coach K, who is an honorary co-chair of C-Change.

We’re always glad to see President Bush out and about, but we wish the photographer had captured his always amazing sock swag.

Twitchy coverage of George H.W. Bush

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Understanding The Iran Deal #IranNuclear #Iran #MiddleEast

The United States Reaches A Deal To Cut Off Every Pathway For Iran To Obtain A Nuclear Weapon
After more than two and a half years of intense negotiations, the United States, along with its partners and allies comprising the world’s greatest nations, has reached an agreement that will put Iran’s …

This Pool Cost $2 Million. You’ll Never Believe The Surprises It’s Hiding.

We promise that you’ve never seen a “pool” like this (if you can even call this a pool). It’s WAY closer to a water park than the dinky hole in the ground at your house. With an eye-popping $2 million price tag…well, it had better be better than a normal pool.

This is the kind of house addition that could make anyone jealous. 

Found in Utah, the pool is designed to look more like a natural lake than a pool.

It’s complete with several waterfalls, all which you can jump off of.

If you dare to climb up that high!

A myriad of tunnels can take you to all kinds of hidden places.

Including a twisty water slide that rivals most water parks.


The depth of the pool is 23 feet so no worries about cannonballs.

Throughout the interior, you’ll find places to nestle.

And tons of hidden waterfalls.

There’s also a spectacular viewing area behind the main waterfall.

That links to a full kitchen along with top end appliances.

Of course, you’ll also find high end bathrooms and showers.

But more importantly, you’ll also find A LAZY RIVER!

And even the most insane scuba diving course found in Middle America!


All controlled by a sophisticated set of pipes and pumps that require a fair bit of techie know-how.

Check out the full video!

So, you ready to head to Home Depot and build your own? There’s no way the average person could have a pool like this, it costs way more than most people’s houses. It’s nice to dream, though.

Be sure to share this mega-pool with your friends using the buttons below. 

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Meet Foo Chan. The Japanese Version Of Grumpy Cat

Meet Foo Chan. The Japanese Version Of Grumpy CatRead more:

What These Innocent Bystanders Saw On The Golden Gate Bridge Is Almost Magical.

Whenever I’m driving and I encounter a deer, I usually freak out just a little bit. Not only is it pretty rare to see deer in major metropolitan area, but the thought of hitting a deer is just too horrifying. So, it’s no wonder that these people were a little shocked by what they saw on the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.  

It is not uncommon to find deer in rural areas or even the suburbs, but in large cities, especially on major highways, it is rare to say the least. So I’m sure most commuters were astonished when they saw this…

I hope the deer made it home okay. Traffic jams can be so stressful, even for various wildlife.

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Hey, What’s That Weird Creation On The Beach? Let Me Look Closer… WHAT IN THE?

For the 2014 Sculpture By The Sea event, a Belgian artist named Annette Thas created something that makes passers by stop and stare. Her creation is a gigantic, fleshy wave that seems to be rising up from the sand. It stands 9 feet tall and it is 12 feet long. If you were to sit at its base, it would almost envelop you with its sheer size. Not only is it huge, but there is another reason why anyone who passes by just has to stop and do a double-take…

The monstrous wave towers 9 feet high, its fleshy tones blocking out the coast and sun.

It looks like a giant creature, rising up from the sand, clawing its way from the shore.

It’s not a monster, though. It’s a towering wave of nostalgia and memories.

“Wave 1” was crafted from over 3,000 Barbie dolls, collected from various thrift stores.

Anette hoped to create a whimsical piece that highlighted the short, but precious, childhood that everyone gets to experience.

Annette’s creation, named Wave 1, has recently been given the People’s Choice Prize at Sculpture By The Sea. Her take on childhood, mixed with her whimsical creativity and ability to draw the eye, resulted in a sure winner. Men, women and children are engrossed by not only the size of this wave, but also the thousands of toys that comprise it. Source: Annette Thas via Design Boom It’s weird, sure, but it would be hard not to be completely enthralled by this wave of memories. Share it with others.

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