Gene Simmons praises Common Core standards, gets an education!/michellemalkin/status/387410496623636480
Say it ain’t so, Gene! The legendary bass player and reality TV star came out Monday night in enthusiastic support of Common Core. Forget any of those stories you’d heard about life on the road with KISS; this is some seriously shocking stuff.!/mturkpsu82/status/387395414611066880!/mturkpsu82/status/387406335609815040
Uh oh. The lapdogs at NBC did a report on Common Core and managed to convince Gene Simmons that it’s good for education?!/klnielsen74/status/387410196084977664
Simmons might have caught NBC’s report, but he must have missed all of the education experts who participated in the #StopCommonCore Twitter rally, as well as Twitchy CEO Michelle Malkin’s smackdown of Common Core cronyism — not to mention the examples of bizarre “number sense” math problems, context-free social studies exercises and sexually graphic literature recommendations. Parents and teachers don’t like Common Core, and they lined up to shout it out loud.!/genesimmons/status/387401410532220928!/tmcarls/status/387402860134014976!/kimbandjon/status/387398283947024384!/StopCCSSinNYS/status/387425002733441024!/genesimmons/status/387407214861762560
This is getting kind of creepy. COMMON CORE. COMMON CORE. COMMON CORE. At least Simmons is willing to listen.!/genesimmons/status/387408109284491265!/klnielsen74/status/387411282288074752!/michellemalkin/status/387412123287953410!/KGM411/status/387405134789378049!/genesimmons/status/387407977830821888
It’s fairly well known that Simmons was a teacher, but this was back in the ’70s.!/KGM411/status/387409245869998080!/KGM411/status/387409504650166272
Kudos to Simmons for being open minded, but before he tweets again about the wonders of Common Core, we have some homework for him:

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