How To Choose An Infertility Clinic In Denver

For patients considering the possibility of beginning fertility treatment, there are many questions that must first considered before starting Infertility treatment in Denver. For example: What are the risks? What are the chances of success? How do I choose the right physician? Though your biological clock’s alarm may ringing, it’s worth hitting the snooze button so you’ll have the time to find a good Denver infertility clinic.

Patient’s should start off by getting advice from their gynecologist, but when it comes time to diagnose where the problem may be and recommend a treatment plan, patients should seek out the advice of an infertility specialist. Women over age 35 attempting conception for more than 6 months, men with an abnormal semen analysis, women with blocked fallopian tubes, women with 2 or more miscarriages and couples under 35 years of age who have tried for at one year to get pregnant, should plan on seeing a Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist. When it comes to choosing a Denver Infertility Clinic, do your research ahead of time.

When choosing a Denver Infertility physician, it is important to understand the different roles of an OB/GYN and a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE). OB/GYNs are trained to diagnose and treat general disorders of the female reproductive system and to care for a woman during pregnancy, childbirth and after delivery. Some OB/GYNs do provide limited infertility treatment, but these physicians are not trained in the more advanced fertility treatments. Reproductive Endocrinologists represent a subspecialty of obstetrics/gynecology devoted specifically to treating infertility. Reproductive Endocrinologists are highly trained medical physicians, completing a 4 year residency in OBGYN then a three-year fellowship in infertility treatment. After working with your Gynecologist for 3-6 months you should seek the advice of a RE if you have failed to conceive.

Credentials are just the first step. Think of your infertility specialist as a partner in your care, and choose someone you feel comfortable questioning and talking with. Fertility clinics come in all sizes and with all kinds of reputations. There is no absolute right or wrong as to which type of clinic is best. They all have their pros and cons. Once you have reviewed clinics you are interested in, you may want to look more closely at the type of clinic you are considering to help you chose.

Some fertility specialists practice alone. These docs might be able to provide you with more personalized attention and the luxury of really getting to know you and your unique situation. Experiences vary, but many doctors in solo practices often get great reviews for staying connected to their patients. No promises, but you will probably have greater access to your doctor than you would in a larger practice. The biggest advantage is that individual doctors are more likely to have package discounted prices and lower costs. Rocky Mountain Fertility Center is one of the best solo practitioner infertility centers in the Denver area. Although a drawback of a solo practice infertility centers is the limited locations, sometimes it’s worth the extra 10 minute drive to have personalized, successful care.

Larger infertility clinics have anywhere from two to ten fertility specialists. The advantages: They may be open more hours, offer various office locations for greater convenience and accessibility to services. The drawback? With several specialists in the practice, you might not see the same physician at each visit, and your primary fertility specialist might not be available to answer your questions directly. Multiple offices, extra staff, expensive décor, and slick marketing aren’t free. Although the costs are spread across more patients, you are paying for it. Know that if you choose a larger clinic, fees might be higher to cover the overhead, and you might get lost in the shuffle of their many patients.

Dealing with the stress of infertility is difficult. During the infertility process it is important that you chose a Denver Infertility Specialist that you feel most comfortable with. Compassionate doctors always rate higher among women recommending fertility doctors. In addition to her medical expertise Dr. Smith at Rocky Mountain Fertility Center is considered one of the most compassionate Denver Infertility specialists. In October 2011, Dr. Smith received the Compassionate Doctor Award. This award is based on hundreds of thousands of reviews written by patients. While physicians generally receive positive feedback, only a few contain praise about the doctor’s compassion. In 2010 fewer than 3 % of the nation’s 720,000 active physicians were awarded with the Compassionate Doctor Award. Dr. Smith was one of the few physicians in Colorado to receive this award.

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