Indignant Eric Cantor: ‘House blocked Spotify? This is 2013 … Let the music flow!’!/GOPLeader/status/297397141922529280
Aw, it’s a bipartisan lovefest! Nancy Pelosi’s director of new media agrees with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor: Free the Spotify!

I agree with Mr. Cantor. MT @gopleader House blocked Spotify? This is 2013. It is a legal service that should be allowed.

— Faiz (@fshakir) February 1, 2013

Twitter reaction is mixed to the congressman’s plea to “Let the music flow!”

.@fshakir @gopleader Why do you two think the taxpayers should be paying for this bandwidth exactly??

— Ben Smith (@BuzzFeedBen) February 1, 2013

Ha! Priceless: BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith has developed a strange, new respect for federal fiscal discipline.

Bring back the boombox lol RT @gopleader House blocked Spotify? This is 2013. It is a legal service that should be allowed. Letmusic flow!

— Ryan Johnson (@CampaignRyan) February 1, 2013

Young Guns leadership #FTW MT @gopleader House blocked Spotify? It’s 2013. It’s a legal service that should be allowed. Let the music flow!

— Laura Vaught (@lauravaught) February 1, 2013

@gopleader wow, something I can actually agree with you on…

— Josh M. (@dreggas) February 1, 2013

Wait… Spotify was allowed at the House until now? How come I could never use it on my Federal Gov’t computer, @gopleader?

— beckcl78 (@beckcl78) February 1, 2013

@gopleader you sound like a fucking hippie.Get back to work.

— Bennett Pemberton (@pemberton98) February 1, 2013

@gopleader glad to see you are all working very hard! #GetToWork

— Mad Mike Politics (@madmikesin) February 1, 2013

Some suggested that there are more pressing issues at hand than whether the House comes between Cantor and his Spotify.

@gopleader I can appreciate your love for music, but seriously… Focus, man, focus.

— JAK (@zik825) February 1, 2013

@gopleader Or, you could stop wasting tax dollars and focus on defending the Constitution! Better go tell cons to “get their asses in line”

— Sam Pierce (@sepierce) February 1, 2013

@gopleader stop sequestration that’s a more pressing issue

— deaner (@coastie1991) February 1, 2013

Perhaps we should negotiate?

Oh, so this! LOL!RT @danriehl: @gopleader No more Spotify until you promise to not dance w/ Democrats ; p~ @galtsgirl

— Michelle Ray (@GaltsGirl) February 1, 2013

Hey, Cantor needs his Wiz Khalifa fix.

Eric Cantor Cannot Listen To Wiz Khalifa Because The House Has Blocked Spotify

— Brett LoGiurato (@BrettLoGiurato) February 1, 2013

Now back to work, Cantor.

Next week, the House will consider the #RequireAPlan Act to require President Obama to put forward his plan to balance the budget.#tcot

— Eric Cantor (@GOPLeader) February 1, 2013

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