Jerry Sloan wants to coach the Magic!/christomasson/status/205020133956132864
Just one day after the Orlando Magic fired Stan Van Gundy, names of potential replacements are already starting to be leaked out to the mainstream media. One of the more intriguing candidates reportedly interested in the gig is hall of famer Jerry Sloan.

I would say Jerry Sloan would be a good hire for some one but dude is 70 and its time to let some younger coach shine, like BShaw!!

— James Green (@JMGeezy) May 22, 2012

what the………Jerry Sloan is interested in the Magic job? not sure what to think about this. better option than Dantoni at least

— Michael (@MJH3Bucs) May 22, 2012

So Jerry Sloan wanna coach #MagicNation to a title hopefully we get em

— Sir. West African (@corys_quotes) May 22, 2012

Jerry Sloan next magic coach?? Would be very intriguing

— Anthony Starks (@GRIZZNESSMONSTA) May 22, 2012

The day after #SVG is out of Orlando is the day Jerry Sloan is interested in coaching again? Pure coincidence, NOT!

— Abel Tesfaye (@DontUwannaFonte) May 22, 2012

Jerry Sloan is interested in being the next Magic coach!!!!!! That would be AWESOME!!

— ChefBoyR2theickie (@R2theickie) May 22, 2012

Jerry Sloan, 70, has interest in the Magic job but only if all games are at 1 so he can still get to 430 sr. citizen buffett

— George Diaz (@georgediaz) May 22, 2012

Coaching diva superstar Dwight Howard doesn’t scare away the 70-year-old coach. After all, he got along with temperamental star Karl Malone for 15 years.

That doesn’t stop people from wondering how the two would get along though…

If Jerry Sloan takes over Magic…no way DH pulls same antics as he did with SVG.

— FirmFoundationMedia (@JohSco) May 22, 2012

Wow if Jerry Sloan takes over coaching the Magic, I can't see Howard leaving

— chris marchio (@TisMache) May 22, 2012

As a long time Jazz fan, I would personally love to see Jerry Sloan come to town. But if Dwight didn't like SVG challenging him… #fb

— Justin Stokes (@JVOX) May 22, 2012

Jerry Sloan interested in #orlandomagic job? He'd give them instant credibility, but memo to Dwight: He's as no-nonsense as Stan Van Gundy.

— Brian K. Schmitz (@MagicInsider) May 22, 2012

Jerry Sloan had a difficult time dealing with Deron Williams. Interesting to think about how he would handle Dwight Howard…

— David Baumann (@DavidBaumannCBS) May 22, 2012

Whether you like him or hate him, you have to admit that Stan Van Gundy was one of the better head coaches in the NBA. After firing him, there are only a few guys the team could hire that would excite the Orlando fan-base. He may be a bit older than they want, but Jerry Sloan happens to be one of those few guys.

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