Lauryn Hill pleads guilty to tax evasion, faces prison!/PopAddicts_/status/218760713760538626
Grammy-winning solo artist and former Fugee Lauryn Hill faces three years in prison after pleading guilty to tax evasion.

Lauryn Hill was "miseducated" on how to pay her taxes

— Deadwood Dick (@KingRedRose) June 29, 2012

Her 1998 debut solo album, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” won the singer five Grammy Awards, including Best New Artist and Album of the Year. Hill never produced a follow-up album.

Just the other day we were discussing what Lauren Hill's been doing. At least we know what she hasn't been doing

— Matt Wardle (@mrmattwardle) June 29, 2012

Prison certainly doesn’t have to end her music career. Lil Wayne managed to release an album from jail.

And now I hear Lauryn Hill's probably going to jail for 3 years… Another dashed hope of an album 🙁

— Jere (@jerestheword) June 29, 2012

Some fans hope for the best.

The "tortured genius" excuse is running out for Lauryn Hill. This is a life/career defining moment for her. I hope she pulls her self up.

— Pucci no Emilio (@Pooch_Rebel) June 29, 2012

Enough miseducation. There must be a lesson in here somewhere.

Pay your taxes so you won't be like :Lauryn Hill !!!

— Prince Aladdin (@_iGenesis) June 29, 2012

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