Markey Malarkey: US nuclear disarmament will discourage North Korea!/Noahbierman/status/301351778409123842
Leave it to a lib to come up with something like this:

Reducing global nuclear stockpiles allows US & allies to isolate North Korea and force them to the negotiating table

— Ed Markey (@MarkeyMemo) February 12, 2013

North Korea has evidently been conducting nuclear device tests, and the timing couldn’t be better, of course, as President Obama is expected to call for a reduction in nuclear arms tonight in his State of the Union address. Mass. Rep. Ed Markey is totally on-board. In fact, he’s insisting that reducing the U.S. supply of nuclear weapons is a sure-fire way to convince North Korea to follow suit. Because, moral authority:

“North Korea’s brazen nuclear weapons test will only help to highlight President Obama’s leadership to reduce our nuclear weapons stockpile,” said Rep. Markey. “Slashing America’s nuclear weapons arsenal will give our country the continuing moral authority to push back against the rogue nations and superpowers that want to build more nuclear weapons.”

“While North Korea’s people starve, their leaders continue to feed geopolitical instability by conducting these nuclear tests. By reaching broad agreements to reduce global nuclear stockpiles, America and our allies will finally be able to isolate North Korean and force their leaders to come to the negotiating table,” said Rep. Markey.

Markey’s plan for nuclear disarmament is known as the SANE (Smarter Approach to Nuclear Expenditures) Act. The irony, like his common sense, clearly escapes him.

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