Oh, snap! Ann Coulter to lib asking why GOP isn’t racist: ‘We’re not Democrats’

Ann Coulter concisely takes down a Twitter lib asking her why the GOP shouldn’t be considered racist.

She also suggests that in case President Obama is “unavailable” for the next debate, the media need only to re-run the first one.

Media should re-run 1st debate if O doesn't show. RT @Under_Over_Done Dems will manufacture crisis B-4 nxt debate so obama is unavailable.

— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) October 7, 2012

@AnnCoulter @Under_Over_Done That would not surprise me but then a burning embassy didn't keep him from Vegas !

— Donna (@rustythimble54) October 7, 2012

@AnnCoulter It wouldn't surprise me, Ann. They are so desperate that I think they really might try to pull a "crisis" out of the hat!!

— Morton Levitt (@levitm1) October 7, 2012

@AnnCoulter maybe O will call in sick & ask if Clinton can go in as a sub.

— Stephen Noon (@snoonchicago) October 7, 2012

@AnnCoulter He hasn't showed up for briefings,why show up to look stupid again! But yes,that's the Dems. They know nothing or rt or wrong.

— Ted Howell (@59howlnwolf) October 7, 2012

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