Tears: John Stamos tweets touching tribute to his hero on Father’s Day [pic]

http://twitter.com/#!/JohnStamos/status/346280075957772289 That was the start of actor John Stamos’ touching tribute to his late father. http://twitter.com/#!/deloureiro/status/346283794644467712 Yes, before you read the rest, you may need to … [Continue reading]

Single, Taken, Having A Mental Relationship…

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Those People Are Sleeping On A Grizzly? Wait. Nope, Just An Awesome Bean Bag.

No, these people aren't lounging on an actual grizzly bear, but when you find out what it actually is, you'll want to be sitting down. The folks in the photos below are doing their best hibernation impressions on a bean bag chair. The Hong … [Continue reading]

Blink And Youre Dead

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Stop Saying I Wish Start Saying I Will…

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These 18 Cats Were Busted In the Act. Now They’re Being Hilariously And Adorably Shamed.

A month or two ago, we posted a compilation of dogs being shamed after getting busted in the act. Some of them tore up furniture and others used the carpet the way they would use the grass. Either way, it was pretty darn adorable. So, now it's the … [Continue reading]

Makes Eye Contact With Exam Supervisor…

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I Just Farted In The Apple Store…

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I’m So Tired Of Humans Blaming Me For Everything!

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Put Minion Goggles On Our New Kettle…

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