Pitbull and your daily Twitter death hoax

Twitter has had more fictional deaths than the entire Die Hard franchise combined. A new one popped up today, all fresh and ready for worldwide trending. Twitter’s been blowing up with the rumor that rapper/pop singer Pitbull has died, with no real evidence on Google News, or from celebrities who know the man himself, or anyone else who might actually be considered credible.

Tired of the trend yet? We collected some  tweets from this new hoax, ranging from gripes about the “RIP (insert celebrity name here)” fad, to disappointment that this one’s actually a hoax. Take a look:


Looked at the Worldwide trends, and I found RIP Pitbull. I wish! Anyone who finds Pitbull as a Really Inspiring Person is really stupid! Soz

— Dex Bracewell (@MrDexB) May 25, 2012

RIP Pitbull? Welcome to Twitter where celebrities die on a daily basis.

— Tee♥ (@DigameForever) May 25, 2012

RIP Pitbull? He's not dead and he's not really inspiring person, then why is it trending?

— ㅤㅤㅤRєcσνєrу ♡ (@1DLondonCrew) May 25, 2012



RIP Pitbull – He died from a heart attack after discovering that Kodak rhymes with Kodak.

— ~rice cooker~ (@awkwardnoodles) May 25, 2012



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