Ref gets decked during Stanley Cup Finals!/robstobobs/status/212355607473299457
During tonight’s Stanley Cup Final game between the New Jersey Devils and the Los Angeles Kings an unfortunate referee found himself in the direct path of a Devils defenseman who promptly dumped him to the ice. The ref was left visibly bleeding from the mouth. But, this is hockey so he just went right back to work.

One Bloody Ref. Total Gamer. #StanleyCup

— Marvin Dinozo (@MAD_Marvin) June 12, 2012


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Well done ref, you took one for the team..

— AJ DeLaGarza (@AJD_20) June 12, 2012

Ref was in right position, the player made the right play by running the ref over. Kings player was smarter by using him as a pick/screen

— Rick Foster (@rickfoster) June 12, 2012

We are watching this #lakings finals game, and a NJ player knock this poor ref on the ice. He has a bloody m

— Dilligence | KDA (@TheDilli) June 12, 2012

Pretty sure that ref needs stitches #StanleyCup

— Leticia Preciado (@LeticiaPreciado) June 12, 2012

He's a hockey ref, though, so I'm sure he'll stay in the game… right Linda Cohn and Steve Levy?

— Chadwick M. Fischer (@Fischwick) June 12, 2012

Poor ref. Got totally steamrolled by Devils defender and was partly to blame for a goal since he got in the way. Kings owning this game.

— Chris Warmann (@Cdw01) June 12, 2012

That ref took an absolutely crushing hit. That was pretty great.

— Amanda Rykoff (@amandarykoff) June 12, 2012

Cross checking the ref? That's a no no! #awesome #NHL

— Guerrilla Tags (@GuerrillaTags) June 12, 2012


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In just watching two minutes of this game I got respect for this Hockey Ref. Got hit in the face but is still Ref'ing while bleeding.

— Toby Reynolds (@RefereeToby) June 12, 2012

That ref should get a raise. He's one tough s.o.b.

— Ceilli Capt.⚓ Rose (@itscellyrose) June 12, 2012

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