Shanahan: RGIII will start for the Redskins, “period”

Well, football fans, if any of you had a question about whether the new hotness of Robert Griffin III would have to beat out the old and busted of Rex Grossman for the starting QB job with the Washington Redskins, let the head coach set you straight.

“He is the starter, period,” said [Washington Redskins’ head coach Mike] Shanahan of Griffin, who was the second pick in last week’s draft.

We can put this one in the “no one is surprised at all” bucket. Shanahan and Redskins’ owner Daniel Snyder gave away three first-round draft picks plus a second-rounder to get him. The chance that he’ll be second-string to anyone except the second coming of Slingin’ Sammy Baugh are about the same as Joe Biden’s ability to go a month without putting his foot in his mouth.

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