St. Dominic’s Divine Oktoberfest

NORTH DENVER — St. Dominic’s Catholic Church celebrated its 4th annual Oktoberfest on Oct 15 with music, food and games. It also became a divine microbrewery with Call to Arms, Little Machine, Goldspot, Joyride, Diebolt and Factotum. The packed-to-the-bell-tower crowd had hipsters, families and preachers raising their glasses to a higher power.

The annual event earns close to $ 10,000 for the church. Father Ed said, “This is more than fundraising, though. It is truly about bringing the community together.” When asked what the Order of Preachers means, Brother Isaac said, “We are big on preaching. Not just from a pulpit, but from our very lives.” Based on the spectacular twinkle in their eyes, and the smiles on the millennial faces, it would appear they’re preaching to the choir.

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