Texas Sen. Wendy Davis’ #Stand4TXWomen tour certainly looks like a campaign

Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis today expressed her relief that the Senate had “finally focused on important issues” facing the state other than the “dangerous” legislation threatening to increase safety standards at Texas abortion clinics. Those issues, namely highway construction and juvenile sentencing guidelines, had been on the agenda for a vote on June 25 but were delayed due to Davis’ own 11-hour filibuster of that abortion legislation, prompting Gov. Rick Perry to call this week’s special session.
In the interim, after making the rounds of the Sunday morning news shows, Davis has toured the state on her #StandWithTXWomen tour, dropping by what certainly look like trial runs for campaign events. That can’t be, though; on “Face the Nation,” Davis criticized those who use the abortion issue to “boost their own political aspirations.”  Fans turned out nonetheless.
So cute! Remember, though, those baby shoes on Texas Sen. Bob Durell’s desk were just some sort of cheap prop.
The Texas Senate on Friday will take up H.B. 2, which passed the House Tuesday after picking up votes following Davis’ filibuster.
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