These 20 Images Will Make You Lose What Little Faith You Had Left In Humanity

                                                               <div class="content">                    <h3>Have you ever met someone so damn ignorant that you had to wonder how they're able to function in everyday life?</h3> I'm talking the kind of person whose thought process (if they even have one) is so skewed that common sense is a completely foreign concept to them, yet they proudly tout all their "knowledge" as if it's scientifically proven. While they're almost impossible to tolerate when you want to have an educated discussion, at least they're entertaining -- like the absolute geniuses below.

If you needed a reason to give up on humanity altogether, these 20 blissfully unaware people are it.

1. Thanks but no thanks, Susan.

2. I’m betting she didn’t believe him.

3. I would’ve never guessed.

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Barack Obama had a big part in 9/11.

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5. Maybe try practicing what you preach.

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7. Only the rest of the world.

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8. So deep.

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9. Glad to hear you’re such a big fan of Ginger, Ginger.

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10. No, but you certainly are.

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11. Wow. Just wow.

Reddit / jayremedy

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I don't know who Paul McCartney is, but Kanye is going to give this man a career w/ this new song!!

— Joshua (@OVOJosh) January 2, 2015

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13. Yes. This is how illness works.

Reddit / FroggierSnow7

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14. Totally.

Reddit / CantMakeThisChitUp

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15. Now might be a good time to convert.

Reddit / OMGLMAOWTF_com

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16. What is math anyway?

Reddit / AdamE89

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17. Spaghetti sauce is bad, m’kay?

Reddit / d4615

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18. “Found a wild facepalm in its natural habitat.”

Reddit / Stax138

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19. Ask and ye shall (not) receive.

Reddit / oconnj17

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20. What a coincidence! I have the same rare condition too. It flares up every time I’m exposed to the sun.

Reddit / farorie

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