City Park in Denver

Denver is a very beautiful city and it has a number of attractions in it Which invite the people all over the world to visit it? Among many attractions City Park in it is the most famous place. It is very large and it has a Denver Zoo, A museum and several other attractive things in it. Dr. Martin Luther Was its founder and he decorated the park in such a superb manner that the Visitor feels very much pleasant and relaxed whenever he visits it. There are a number of lush green trees, largely maintained grass and variety of Flower beds in it. The cool breeze blows here which makes the blowing air very much refreshing and the person feels very good when he breathes this air. The flowers here are of several kinds for example, rose, lily, sunflower, Tulip, motia, waterlily, hibiscus etc. They are present in a number of colors Like rose exhibit itself in red, yellow, blue and black color, others have yellow, Blue, green, orange etc. The fountain is present in the centre of the park and lights of different colors Set at the base of the fountain. Whenever water in the fountain falls on this light They reflect different colors. The music is also played at the back of this water Fall, and on the rhythms produced by the sound of the music fountain’s water also Show dance like movements. These movements look very interesting to spectators. In this park is located a Denver zoo, which is really beautiful. In this zoo They have collected a large number of species. In one of the open field there Are kept lions free and the spectators are allowed to pass from near them in Their cars locked and windows closed. It’s really fascinating to pass from near a lion .In some cases it so happens that these lions touch your cars but are unable to reach You because of your closed car windows. The other animals in the zoo are zebras, tigers, camels, pandas cheetahs, hippopotamus, a several kinds of birds like sparrows, pigeons, eagles etc. In separate cages. There are monkeys that copy the actions performed by the man. There is a huge Crowed of people outside this cage as they enjoy the monkey’s do their copy. The Rabbits and deers there belong to different races and all are the beautiful one. In this zoo, there is a large elephant on which the spectators usually take a ride. Parents take there children to this park so that there children get aware of these animals and obviously to amuse them. In this park there is a science museum in which are preserved the mummy of the past. People visit this museum and pay their regards here to these mummies and consider It there obligatory performance. There are also present the statues of the Famous leaders who have passed. The rest of the collection include several types Of machines, fossils and all things related to the new technologies of science. In this garden there is a beautiful lake in which ducks and swans are swimming. These Feather of these swarms are of multi colors which attracts the visitors towards it. There are boats present in the lake on which the people can boat and enjoy water.

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