Denver domestic violence defense

What is domestic violence?

In the past, domestic violence was often difficult to prove. It could only be shown in cases where both people were married to one another, and it could also only be shown where one spouse was physically abusive. Moreover, the abuse had to be substantial. Mere shoves or pushes were not enough.

Today, the Colorado legislature and the federal government have substantially expanded the definition of domestic violence. This has been an overall good development in the law, but it also means that many actions that most would not consider domestic violence are now brought under that definition. For example, even the mere exchange of heated words may be enough to be charged with domestic violence.

Today, domestic violence refers to any action where one partner seeks to gain an advantage of power though verbal or physical abuse over another partner with whom they are intimate. Thus, domestic violence can now happen in cases where two people are living together but are not married, which makes sense. However, as one may be able to tell, the definition is substantially loose enough to bring many seemingly benign actions under the banner of domestic violence.

The ramifications could be severe

When the domestic violence charges are based on allegations that seem unfounded and where both spouses are seeking to have the charges dropped, it may well be tempting to try going without a Denver domestic violence lawyer. However, the ultimate decision of whether or not to bring charges is not up to either spouse. The ultimate decision is left to a prosecutor who may or may not absolutely discard the wishes of the spouses.

And unfortunately, even unfounded allegations of domestic violence may lead to serious ramifications. Those who have been charged with domestic violence could have trouble holding a job, and may find that they have become an object of scorn in the community. Furthermore, if one is convicted on the charges, they may lose access to their home and to their kids. They may also have to spend time behind bars in addition to being forced to register as a sex offender after the leave jail.

It is thus often in a person’s best interest to contact a Denver Domestic Violence Attorney when one has been charged with domestic violence. An attorney can help with putting forth a strong and meaningful defense that makes one’s case in a fair and accurate manner. Furthermore, they can also help with navigating a judicial system that often seems complicated to those not well-versed in its various rules and procedures and with procuring a reasonable result.


Contact a Denver Domestic Violence Attorney if you need more information about your case. You will generally find people eager to give good information.