Exploring Denver, Colorado

And I’d be 40 miles from Denver and trying to get back. This line from a song by the bluegrass group Yonder Mountain String Band croons a particular longing for the city. Understandable indeed, as this city boasts beautiful scenery and landscapes worthy of nostalgia.

The City and County of Denver serves as the capital of Colorado (CO), U.S.A., located between the Rocky Mountains and the High Plains. Neighborhoods in this city range from sky-rocketing skyscrapers and suburban-style establishments to houses dating back to the nineteenth century.

The city was founded in 1858 as a mining town. During that time, the sight of Denver exhibited a number of buildings occupying its stretched, green plains, with cottonwood and willow trees lining the riverbanks. In 2006, it was noted that Denver has about 200 parks of different variety. This green development can be traced way back the 19th and 20th centuries when state lands were transformed into parks, with the “City Beautiful” movement further developing and beautifying these parks.

Parks in Denver CO range from small ones to sprawling acres. In the 1910s, land for mountain parks was acquired; around 14,000 acres of mountain parks can now be found in the city. Rivers and trails also meander in the city, further adding to its appeal. Not only is Denver alluring, it is also one of the greenest cities in the United States. A recent evaluation ranked it as the 19th greenest city among 50 cities in the list.

Resident and dwellers greatly value the Parks in Denver CO. These “Denverites”, as they are fondly called, see to it that changes in the park system will be for further beneficial development. Visitors and tourists look forward to experiencing the splendor of these parks. Hikers, cyclists and other sports enthusiasts are among the number of frequent visitors.

Green or rocky, majestic or mysterious, these Parks in Denver CO are definitely worth visiting. From a dry, parched plain, Denver has now become an actively green and lush beauty. With these in mind, we now further resonate with those voices who sang, I’d be forty miles from Denver…oooh life is better there.

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