A Science Teacher Lit His Student On Fire — And It Was Totally Awesome

Even if you were a popular kid that had to pretend not to care, let’s face it: we all loved science class.

Even if the work was hard, on some level, it was great to spend an hour just messing around with beakers and graduated cylinders. In this classic science demonstration, the teacher filled soap bubbles with methane gas.

And then lit them on fire while a student was holding them.

This is both awesome…and probably dangerous.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rTF48uweHY?autoplay=0]


Methane gas is lighter than air, so when it fills the soap bubbles, they rise straight up into the air (and don’t splash back down on the teacher or student). Since the student coated his hand in the soap solution, he was able to “hold” the fire without burning his hand (the methane bubbles adhere to the liquid, but don’t break).

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