Denver LCD Installation ? The Next Step

The latest trend in home theaters is flat screen installation. Denver homes in the future will increasingly have built-in video monitors for home theater as well as security surveillance. In fact, built-in video is really a necessary part of a complete Denver audio-video system. Fortunately, knowledgeable Denver LCD TV installers are easily contacted and can schedule a consultation with you at your convenience. Even older homes are eligible for Denver LCD installation; retrofitting is not a problem thanks to the latest wireless technology.
Getting Started
The first question that many people ask is whether LCD or plasma is better for flat screen installation. Denver technicians will tell you that the LCD vs. Plasma is an ongoing debate. In the end, whether you want a plasma or a Denver LCD installation is up to you. To say one is better than the other is an over-simplification of what is really a rather complex issue. At one time, Denver LCD TV installers would have told you that a plasma TV would offer you a bigger picture. However, a Denver LCD installation today is quite competitive with plasma models in terms of size, reliability and cost.
When it comes to the choice between plasma and LCD for your Denver audio-video system,  you’re actually choosing between two different, competing technologies. Each kind of television processes images in a different way.
According to Denver audio video installers, plasma TVs are made out of many thousands of tiny pixel cells that contain inert gases such as neon. When these come in contact with electric impulses, it reacts with these gases, causing them to glow and give off the appropriate color. In a way, a plasma TV is like hundreds of thousands of tiny neon lights, working together in combination to produce images.  
With a Denver LCD installation, you’ll be getting a much different imaging technology.  An LCD TV consists of a matrix of transistors that run electrical current to tiny cells that are filled with a special chemical liquid pressed between two layers of glass. These cells react in different ways to the current, producing colors and ultimately, pictures.
Most Denver LCD TV installers suggest that LCD TVs produce slightly better definition because of the deeper blacks available.
Whatever you choose for your flat screen installation, Denver technicians will be happy to provide advice as for the best choice for your Denver audio video setup. Learn more by contacting a Denver audio video installer today.

Wayne Hemrick writes about denver lcd installation and denver lcd tv installers