Jennifer Rubin: Is Iran becoming the most important issue to Obama’s presidency?!/JRubinBlogger/status/179183999602794497
At the Washington Post, J-Rube considers reader responses to the question of what the most important issue in this campaign is:

[M]any readers focused on Israel and Iran. Ralterb had the most comprehensive argument:

By far the most important issue you mentioned has to do with Iran. The other things you brought up are just the hot topics of the week. Seriously, who is going to care about what Rush Limbaugh says in a month from now? The notion that the entire Republican leadership has to comment on this kerfuffle is just ridiculous. 

In contrast, at stake with Iran is the safety and security of the Jewish state, the stability of the Middle East (and oil prices), and the prospect of nuclear terrorism and accompanying destruction on a massive scale. Unfortunately, this president seems more concerned with containing the Israelis and preventing them from defending themselves from imminent annihilation than with countering the fanatical Mullahs. Everything that he says to the contrary is campaign rhetoric that is meant to pacify gullible Jewish Democrats.

While the economy remains uppermost in most voters’ minds and the fuss over Limbaugh has temporarily distracted the media, I agree that Iran could very well take center stage. If Iran announces that it has a nuclear weapons capability, Obama will have presided over the gravest foreign policy fiasco in recent memory. The news would send oil prices soaring, set off an arms race in the Middle East and confirm that Obama’s “lead from behind” strategy was a disaster.

Her, um . . . vitriolic support of Romney and criticism of his rivals has irritated a lot of conservatives, lately, but that sounds about right to me.

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