Not so affordable: O-care train wreck sparks ‘Obamacare sticker shock’!/RBPundit/status/394834906712248320
#ObamacareStickerShock is the latest hashtag sparked by the Obamacare train wreck. As Twitchy reported, Americans have discovered that the whole “you can keep your plan” thing was a total lie. Citizens are taking to Twitter, sickened by job losses, cancellation notices and unaffordable rising premiums. Many are finding that they cannot “keep” any insurance at all: They cannot afford it now.

Rep. Price recently put the cancellation notice avalanche in devastating perspective. And Brit Hume smacked down Juan Williams’ pitiful attempt at spin on Sunday. Today, the bleeding continues:!/_AngelaMorabito/status/394836116852838401
You mean “free,” doesn’t actually mean “free”?!?! Someone has to pay for it? Weird.

And the bill? Higher than before:!/SenLeeComs/status/392649892663144448
Huh. Who’d have thunk it?

Enter #ObamaStickerShock:!/RBPundit/status/394836438576922624!/GOPcomedy/status/394836787991814145!/Johnnywhales/status/394836929323085824!/suze109/status/394838888100794370!/CantBelieve10/status/394838509414277120!/RBPundit/status/394840516434468864
Do we smell a second hashtag?!/CuffyMeh/status/394835237177282561
Ha! As Twitchy readers know, the only thing you can “keep” are Obama’s lies.


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