Obama stooge Jeff Immelt voting for Mitt?

Rumor from Bloomberg via Business Insider via Jim Hoft:

General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt, the head of President Obama’s Jobs Board, plans to vote for Mitt Romney, Fox Business’ Charles Gasparino reports (via Bloomberg).

If true, the news would represent a major embarrassment to the Obama administration, which had elevated Immelt in their pursuit of private sector employment growth.

Gasparino has not spoken with Immelt, but said sources close to the G.E. chief said he was leaving Obama’s side.

The president named Immelt the head of his panel of economic advisers in January as a replacement to Paul Volcker, the former Federal Reserve chairman.


The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi has a piece today (3/30/11) about NBC’s non-coverage of the revelation that part-owner General Electric is making piles of money–and paying no federal taxes.

Gee, we wonder why . . . on both counts.

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