Denver Parks and Recreation Announces Public Event Policy

DENVER — Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) published a new Public Event Policy and announced the 2017 permit application process that will begin on November 1. 

Public Event Policy

The Public Event Policy describes the rules and regulations under which outdoor public events may be scheduled and held within Denver parks.  This new policy supports public events in Denver parks while both safeguarding the parks and rights of residents to access and use the parks. 

DPR leaders worked closely with the community to provide input on current policies and procedures as well as recommend new ones.  The policy was defined through the assistance of a stakeholder committee comprised of representatives from various neighborhoods and organizations as well as public community meetings.  Representatives included event organizers, residents from City Park, Washington Park, Cheesman Park, Stapleton, Park and Recreation Advisory Board Members, and city council staff.   

The Public Event Policy can be viewed here.

Applications for 2017 Permits Begins on November 1

Tuesday, November 1 marks the first day DPR will begin accepting permits for public events, special occasions, and event facilities in 2017.  This includes the City Park Pavilion and Washington Park Boathouse facility, private/special occasion events and public events.

Individuals and organizations interested in applying for permits can come to the Wellington Webb Municipal Building, 201 W. Colfax Ave., Room 1.G.1, where the doors will open at 6 a.m. The line will form at the Webb Building entrance at 15th St. and Court St., across from the Downtown Sheraton hotel.  The DPR Permit Office will accept applications on a first come, first served basis beginning at 7 a.m. 

New this year, 2017 reservation requests for the City Park Pavilion and Washington Park Boathouse will be accepted online beginning at midnight on Tuesday, November 1.  In-person reservation requests will still be accepted beginning at 7 a.m. on November 1.  Please note that reservations made online between midnight and 7 a.m. on November 1 for these two venues will be processed before in-person applications.

Reservations for the Central Park Pavilion, Chief Hosa Lodge, James Fleming Mansion and Montclair Civic Building venues are accepted one year in advance of the desired rental date and are currently open for 2017 reservations, both online and in-person. 

Please note that many of the historic venues in parks across the city are incredibly popular.  It is recommended to have optional dates in mind if your first choice is not available. 

Information and Frequently Asked Questions on rental facilities and permits are available at For additional information, please call 720-913-0766 or email [email protected].

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Musical madness hits the streets and parks for the dog days of summer

By Basha Cohen | As the long days of summer reach their peak parks, library’s and outdoor music venues are alive with the sounds of music. It’s a great way for friends and family to gather over a picnic dinner, a morning cup of joe, a cool ice cream or graze from local food trucks. […]
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Spending Time At Parks In Denver

The city and county of Denver in Colorado is one of the must-visit places in the southwestern United States, due to its numerous attractions such as state parks and recreation centers. Residents of Denver take leisure and recreation very seriously that they allot and spend time on public or private parks. The parks in Denver are among the most highly developed and well-maintained parks across the Continent.

One of the most popular parks in Denver is the City Park, which resembles the world-famous Hyde Park in London, United Kingdom. Some of the featured attractions at City Park are the Museum of Nature and Science, a zoo, a golf course, and a lake. This is a relatively large park that takes a whole day to be enjoyed staying at.

During the winter season, everything is turned upside down. Someone has to bring more than just a pair of sweater since winter at Colorado is quite cold. However, winter times at Colorado are ideal for skiing and other activities done in the snow. There are various winter parks in Denver that offer these winter amenities for enjoying the season much more.

In summer, the people flock on the Capitol Hill, where Cheesman Park is situated. CheesmanPark is also one of the most popular Denver Colorado parks that are suitable for strolling and picnicking, as the sun is up for a longer time during summer that one could get tanned even at five in the afternoon.

Also, the Washington Park, which is one of the largest parks in Denver, is one of the Denver Colorado parks not to be missed out. It includes several trails, with one that goes around the entire parks perimeter. It also have a tennis court, a lawn bowling or croquet field, playgrounds, an indoor pool, and a fitness center for sports-related activities.

All in all, there are more than a hundred Denver Colorado parks available for residents and tourists. Plus, there will be more that are going to be built to provide more places for leisure and recreation, since people in Denver regards relaxation and active pastimes highly.

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A Quick Tour at Denver Colorado Parks

Denver is one of the places in Colorado where there is so much to do. You will never be bored once you set foot in this city, as it houses over 200 parks and 29 recreation centers open for locals and tourists at any time of the year. Here are the five most popular theme parks located in Denver, Colorado. Washington Park, one of the oldest in Denver, was designed by Reinhard Schuetze, a German landscape architect, from 1899 to 1908. Later landscape architects such as Saco Rienk DeBoer and Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr added such features as the elegant boat house and an evergreen grove on the north section. It also includes twentieth century brick houses and 54 flower beds informally arranged. Elitch Gardens Theme Park opened in 1890 in the West Highlands then later moved to downtown Denver in 1994 and became known as Six Flags Elitch Gardens. This 70-acre park features rides such as a roller coaster, carousel, and Ferris wheel, and wave pools for cooling off during summer. Elitch Gardens Theme Park opens in late April and closes after Halloween. Of all Denver Colorado parks and recreation sites, Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre is the most popular among concert goers. The Beatles and U2 once held live performances at this venue. Geology enthusiasts are also drawn to the eroded sandstone formations. Tourists can bring in their tents or drive around campgrounds with their recreational vehicles to explore Red Rocks and the surrounding foothills. Lakeside Amusement Park, previously named White City, is one of the Denver Colorado parks and recreation sites that welcome family outings. This amusement resort opened in 1908 and was designed by Architect Richard L. Crowther. Just like Elitch Gardens, it features amusement rides such as a cyclone roller coaster, bumper cars, bumper boats, Ferris wheel, and merry-go-round. Gate admission and unlimited rides cost $ 13.75 during weekdays and $ 19.75 during weekends. Unlike other Denver Colorado parks and recreation sites, Denver Bear Valley Park has free admission. It was formally established in 1913 and covers more than 14,000 acres. This spacious park offers a multitude of leisure activities such as family picnics, biking and hiking, as well as soccer and tennis. Denver Bear Valley Park opens daily from 5am to 11pm.

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Parks And Recreation At Denver

Denver, back at its founding date in 1858, was just an ordinary county situated on a rolling grassy plain filled with cottonwoods and willow trees. But on the year 2008, a hundred years and fifty later, the city-county of Denver has more than two hundred parks of all themes and sizes. Denver also has twenty nine recreation centers that offer places of leisure and enjoyment for its residents and tourists alike.

A lot of parks in Denver were acquired mostly from private estates between the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries. The acquisition of unused private lands was a part of the City Beautiful Movement, which aimed to expand and beautify the parks in Denver. Reinhard Schuetze became Denvers first landscape architect and designed Cheesman Park, City Park, and Washington Park. Along with his contemporaries, Schuetze designed the entire Civic Center Park, which became the center of the civic life in Denver.

Furthermore, the city-county government of Denver has also acquired land for mountain parks since the early 1900s. As years passed by, Denver has about fourteen thousand acres of mountain parks. One of these is Red Rocks Park, which is popular for breathtaking sceneries and the unique Red Rock Amphitheatre.

Denver has also acquired the hill where Winter Park Resort is situated. City parks and recreation centers are important places for both the residents of Denver and tourists. Denver Colorado parks and recreation centers are growing and under development, alongside with new parks to be raised on the Platte River.

All of Denver Colorado parks and recreation areas serve as important places for gathering, reunion, or making acquaintances between the residents and the tourists. These parks also turned the entire Denver from being a once-dry plain into a lush and green place.

Starting in the year 1974, the city-county government and other immediate jurisdictions have reinstated and rehabilitated some aging but still promising Denver Colorado parks and recreation centers, such as area in the urban South Platte River, where hikers and cyclists can ride their contraptions for recreation. Despite urbanization, Denver thrives to be a green place for everyones enjoyment.

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