This Guy Chose The Wrong Person To House-Sit While He Went On Vacation. LOL, Epic Prank!

What this guy did while house sitting his friend’s place is hilarious, albeit slightly evil. He decided to turn random objects around the house into living things by adding stick-on googly eyes to them. I would call it a fantastic prank, but it seems to make the house more alive. Maybe in a creepy way. Hopefully his friend will see the humor in it…because the cat didn’t.

“While house sitting for a friend, I put up a bunch of googly eyes and facial feature stickers around the house.”

This one gets the Herp Derp prize.

This one looks just like Lumiere, the candlestick from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Seems like even angels are doing Movember now.

Why you so angry, coffee maker?

Deal with it!

The one that was never going to work for long…

“Reminded me of the A/C unit from The Brave Little Toaster.”

“Everyone has googly eyes!” (Bonus reindeer hat, mega chops, and Doctor Who cat button!)

“Can’t wait for them to get home!”

Source Share this, but be careful who sees it. You wouldn’t want to give your next house-sitter any ideas. 🙂

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