UNC GOPers crowd-source to bring Pavlich, McElhinney to campus; Goal reached

The University of North Carolina College Republicans wanted Katie Pavlich and Ann McElhinney to speak on campus, but after the student government arm that provides funding for that sort of thing would not agree to the amount of money requested, the College Republicans rallied support on Twitter and elsewhere to crowd-source the funding.

Background from The College Fix:

Conservative female investigative reporters Katie Pavlich and Ann McElhinney are unimpressive nonacademics whose speaking honorariums are too high and credentials too unremarkable to pay to have them give talks at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill this fall, members of the school’s student government have agreed.

Despite pleas from College Republicans to finance the speeches, which would have cost about $8,000 from UNC’s student programming coffer of $124,000, a majority of student government members voted Tuesday night against funding the campus visits, with several members voicing concerns that Pavlich and McElhinney aren’t worth the price.

On the same night, UNC student government representatives tapped the anarchist group “UNControllables” to receive $4,000 to fly in a social justice crusader/academic from South America to speak on campus, and the feminists group Siren Womyn Empowerment Magazine was allocated $5,100.

The story also quotes UNC Chapel Hill student government representatives who claim to have been opposed to the group funding Pavlich and McElhinney’s appearance because they claim they are “non-intellectual” and as “unreliable as a Wikipedia page.” In other words, “we disagree with them.”
“Intellectual diversity” on too many college campuses is defined as a “wide array of opinions expressed mostly by those on the Left.”
If the College Democrats invited a couple of MSNBC personalities to speak at the exact same cost it would be interesting to see how quickly the request for funding would be approved.
The good news is that the UNC College Republicans confirmed that Katie Pavlich and Ann McElhinney will be speaking on campus, thanks to those who chipped in:
http://twitter.com/#!/annmcelhinney/status/375998162902597632Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/09/06/unc-republicans-crowd-source-to-bring-pavlich-mcelhinney-to-campus-after-student-govt-slashed-funding/