This Girl Was Sick Of Her Tiny City Apartment Balcony. Wait Til You See What She Did To It.

Some might think that the outdoor deck in your apartment is just a waste of space. After all, you’re never out there, and it takes up space you’d love to add to your bedroom. But have you ever actually thought of how you could put it to better use? Well this Portlandian was inspired one day after complaining about Big City livin’ and the result is awesome-sauce. Check it out:

She always wanted a backyard, so her roommate surprised her with one. The cat was not impressed 😉

First she lined the balcony with a tarp for easy cleanup, then she spread some soil.

She then put a small fence to stop that lovely cat from trying to climb through the bars.

She rolled out the sod and gave it some water and they lined up some extra plants.

And of course, a chair was added, i.e., relax station.

Project complete!

2 months later, lawn is still going great, with only one small dead spot where everyone stands the most.

According to them, they let the grass grow without interruption.

Unless it gets to be too much, and only then do they break out scissors.

Add in a few lights, and you’ve got a great place to chillaxe.

How cool is that? Well I know what my weekend project is going to be. Toughest part now is getting MY roommate to agree 😉 Source: Imgur via Reddit

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