I Just Farted In The Apple Store…

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I’m So Tired Of Humans Blaming Me For Everything!

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Put Minion Goggles On Our New Kettle…

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Police Caught Him With A Human Brain And What He Used It For Is So Nuts

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E = OMG NO squared! Albert Einstein beach photo sparks snickers [pic]

http://twitter.com/#!/_Q/status/400228095258415104 Wait, what? http://twitter.com/#!/HistoryInPix/status/400227782787354624 Oh dear. That beach photo of Albert Einstein makes the rounds every once in a while. Look at those gams! Twitter was buzzing … [Continue reading]

Emily Ratajkowski is not supporting @BernieSanders ‘for the boys’

SupermodelEmily Ratajkowski is going to hell, at least according to Hillary Clinton supporter Madeline Albright— she’s feeling the Bern! Ratajkowski was in New Hampshire last night supporting her favorite socialist where she told the … [Continue reading]

My Town Has A Steampunk Lincoln…

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When I Face Even The Slightest Obstacle In My Life

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See This One Guy In The Background, Starin…

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The Louder The Monkey…

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