Legalize It…

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Happy Birthday America…Party til you drop!

DENVER — Call Uncle Sam and dust off your red, white, and blue gear for Independence Day fun done the Denver Way. The weekend is packed with a celebration of cool things to do in anticipation of Miss America turning 241. Fireworks shows will be … [Continue reading]

It Doesn't Matter If You're A Dog…

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At Bar Dough the food is delicious, the noise level deafening

HIGHLAND — Here’s a hip dining spot not to take babies, the hard of hearing, or anyone who’s sensitive to a noise level that goes to 11: Bar Dough.  The food is amazing; the sound level? Deafening. My foursome ventured to this Highland establishment … [Continue reading]

High school dropout crisis addressed by CYC

JEFFERSON PARK — Colorado Youth for a Change (CYC) reengages at-risk students and helps them get their high school diploma, GED or even an associate degree. “The work that we’re doing is the right work to be done for this population,” says Robert … [Continue reading]

You Need This Ridiculously Precious Cat In Your Life. Trust Me.

Spanish photographer and filmmaker Jesús Segura didn't set out to become a cat photographer. Fate chose him when he found this adorable fluffy friend. Segura spent a year out of work and was in desperate need of some cheering up when he … [Continue reading]

Not all celebs are on the Chick-fil-A hate train!/Wolfiesmom/status/230850574470508546 Actress Valerie Bertinelli and Renee Baio, wife of Happy Days actor Scott Baio, have come out in support of Dan Cathy’s right to his own opinion. It is courageous and risky for those in … [Continue reading]

Bike to Work Day promotes pedal power

DENVER — If it’s got two wheels it is time to take them for a spin. Summer is the official time to get off the couch and get things moving. There is no dearth of bike-related events to get you going this month. The city is actively promoting … [Continue reading]

5 Things We Learned From The Second Episode Of NPR’s “Invisibilia”

<b>Can we get rid of fear?</b> Hosts Alix Spiegel and Lulu Miller investigate. … [Continue reading]

Property values in historic districts: a good investment?

WEST HIGHLAND — Do property values rise at a greater rate in historic districts than in non-designated areas? That depends on your situation and your point of view. “I bought a house in the Baker Historic District (long before it was deemed historic) … [Continue reading]