India, Mauritius agree to expand ties

India and Mauritius on Tuesday extended their collaboration to the areas of defence and security, as discussions on a Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Partnership Agreement (CECPA) between the two cRead more: … [Continue reading]

Pink-soled and soulless: What #StandwithWendy really stands for!/gabrielmalor/status/351712446513295362 Unbelievable, yet totally believable. This is your legacy, Gloria Steinem. “Feminist” Jessica Valenti tweeted this Monday … [Continue reading]

Telling My Boss I Want A Raise

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I Honked At The Car In Front Of Me And This…

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This Artist’s Sculptures Are Quite Disturbing. This is What Nightmares Look Like.

Monica Piloni is a Brazilian artist whose work might just be the creepiest thing you see all day. Piloni's sculptures are visceral and shocking in the best sense of the words. Her art is on a whole new level, and she isn't afraid to push the … [Continue reading]

It’s Apple Picking Season, So Here Are 22 Of The Greatest Recipes To Try

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited that fall is almost here. The changing leaf colors, wearing hoodies on chilly nights, and yes, pumpkin spice, are all things that I'm really looking forward to. But there's another awesome perk about the … [Continue reading]

Having A Period Can’t Be That Bad

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Lauryn Hill pleads guilty to tax evasion, faces prison!/PopAddicts_/status/218760713760538626 Grammy-winning solo artist and former Fugee Lauryn Hill faces three years in prison after pleading guilty to tax evasion. Lauryn Hill was "miseducated" on how to pay her … [Continue reading]

Times Never Change

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George H.W. Bush joins Twitter; Sock photos requested!/GeorgeHWBush/status/410511955007266816 And there you have the very first tweet from former President George H.W. … [Continue reading]