Unintentional hilarity: Salon suggests real reason Detroit went bankrupt

http://twitter.com/#!/RBPundit/status/360062045451857920 What were the major contributing factors that put Detroit on a path to bankruptcy? Decades of Democrat rule? Political corruption run amok? Irresponsible borrowing and spending leading to $14 … [Continue reading]

Orlando Bloom Apparently Threw A Punch…

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In India A Snake Protects Pups For 48 Hours

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The Reason Why Everyone On This Street Rushed To A Car Is Truly Horrifying

Most parents are fearful of sending their children outside to play by themselves, and this is exactly why. CCTV footage from China captured the terrifying moment a little boy got trapped underneath a car that had driven over directly over him while … [Continue reading]

They Were Unloading The Cargo Jet In The Air When They Looked And Saw Something Nuts

When you're dropping cargo from the sky, it's probably best to look around and make sure you're not hitting anything you're not supposed to. Then again, I've never dropped anything from the sky, so what do I know? Recently, a cargo jet was flying … [Continue reading]

‘Leave Justin Bieber alone!’ Singer detained by US immigration officials

http://twitter.com/#!/BakerMachado/status/459464730927562753 E! News is reporting that Justin Bieber, a Canadian, was detained by U.S. immigration officials upon flying into Los Angeles from Japan Thursday. TMZ reports that “U.S. Customs agents … [Continue reading]

OUCH! Iowahawk skewers prediction from ‘investment expert supergenius Paul Krugman’

The stock market seems to have recovered nicely after being dented in part by Brian Ross’s bit of #FakeNews the other day: Futures pointing to a big day for stocks as the Dow soars more than 200 points pic.twitter.com/VcoO1mMXbw — CNBC … [Continue reading]

Double boom! 2nd O’Keefe video: OFA aiding voter fraud in multiple states

http://twitter.com/#!/JamesOKeefeIII/status/256121230770450432 As Twitchy reported this morning, James O’Keefe and Project Veritas released a bombshell video. It showed OFA staff conspiring to commit voter fraud across state lines. As several … [Continue reading]

Give Umbrellas to Hundreds of People with Good Timing and Here’s What Happens.

OK Go, the alt rock band hailing from Chicago who became famous for their visually stunning videos, has wowed the world again. Just like the treadmill-dancing "Here It Goes Again" music video and their optical illusion-laden "The Writing's on the … [Continue reading]

Stacey Dash calls Obama administration ‘bunch of low-level henchmen’

http://twitter.com/#!/REALStaceyDash/status/334115016070537216 News that Eric Holder’s Justice Department has been secretly pulling the phone records of Associated Press reporters hasn’t gone down well, particularly so soon after the IRS … [Continue reading]