It’ll Be Ready In A Minute, Or A Few Hours

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On't Give Up On Your Dreams

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When Raghavanka comes to stage…

Benaka -- among the oldest Kannada amateur theatre groups which was groomed by some of India’s greatest theatre practitioners – reclaimed its place in the sun with its recent production. What the 30-oRead more: … [Continue reading]

Set phasers for ‘cringe’: William Shatner responds to ‘Super Bowel’ question!/aaron7392/status/429353268175572992 There’s an obvious typo in that question, but William Shatner ran with it:!/WilliamShatner/status/429353436392333312 And so do we! Read more: … [Continue reading]

Obamacare error rate estimated at 10 percent of applications submitted!/sarahkliff/status/409040987369902080 You might remember that the Washington Post’s Sarah Kliff was one of the reporters on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services conference call Monday. She asked four times … [Continue reading]

UFO Sightings Take Internet By Storm — Are They Being Covered Up?

Claims of UFOs around the world aren't exactly new, but seriously strange happenings are surrounding recent sightings in Turkey. On November 27, people from all over the country began sharing pictures of an unexplained grouping of lights on Twitter … [Continue reading]

17 Magical Spots To Escape To In London

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An Orangement Of Oranges…

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Thank God Frank…

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My Mom Came With Pizza Today…

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