Adorable Pig Is Saved From Slaughter And Grows Up To Be A Loving Pet

</div> </div> When Casey Jones visited a factory farm near her home in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, she knew something had to be done to put a stop to the heinous things she … [Continue reading]

A plea for preservation of the Highland United Methodist Church

WEST HIGHLAND — Sometimes a place transcends expectations.  When it is a house of worship, it is even more unusual. The Highland United Methodist Church in Denver, Colorado is a religious institution that transcends all boundaries. It is a historical … [Continue reading]

Does everyone see Jesus the same way?

BERKELEY — A yearlong exhibit of artwork depicting diverse impressions of Jesus Christ goes on display April 7th at Berkeley Community Church, 3701 West 50th Avenue (at Meade Street). Artist Jill Carstens organized the event, “In the Flesh and … [Continue reading]

Jump For Joy

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A blessing on the Bosler House

HIGHLAND — The Bosler House made her official debut on April 1 to the grateful “oohs” and “aahs” of a veritable who’s who of North Denver friends and neighbors, realtors, City Councilman Espinoza, State Representative Dan Pabon, and Historic Denver … [Continue reading]

Representative Joe Salazar keynotes annual HD4 Spaghetti Dinner

By Michael Kiley NORTH DENVER — Looking for a great meal and some quality time with your friends and neighbors? Join us April 29 at 5:30pm for the annual House District 4 Spaghetti Dinner at Highlands United Methodist Church, 3131 Osceola Street.  … [Continue reading]

Am I Nearing An Exit?

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HIGHLAND — On Friday, April 7, 2017, romantic sounds and dance will fill the historic site at 3220 Federal Blvd in the Highlands, off Federal & Speer. Former Delmonico Hall, the building used to be Denver’s first Masonic Lodge, and is now … [Continue reading]

Sahara Desert band Tinariwen at the Oriental April 8

Berkeley — “The situation in Sahara is really not easy, but the land is so nice!” says Eyadou Ag Leche, bassist/vocalist with the band Tinariwen. “Always we keep our ancestral mode of life, a pastoral nomadism.” Tinariwen, from Mali in West Africa, … [Continue reading]

14 Tough Calls Filipino Commuters Make Everyday

<b>Would you rather ride the MRT during rush hour, or <i>literally</i> die?</b> 1. Go to the gym? Haha … [Continue reading]