Did a clairvoyant Exjon predict today’s ‘nightmare’ scenario?

http://twitter.com/#!/frankgillespie/status/515307921425825794 <shudder> https://t.co/0PvfTgk4AD — jon gabriel (@exjon) September 26, 2014 What exactly is in that cup Exjon is always sipping from? Some sort of psychic potion?  How … [Continue reading]

Doctors On Valentine Day

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Nick Symmonds continues to criticize Olympics Rule 40; Update: Olympic athletes are not given tickets for friends, family

http://twitter.com/#!/NickSymmonds/status/231346812143931392 Rule 40 prohibits Olympic athletes from mentioning their sponsors while the Olympics are in session. As Twitchy reported on Sunday, many U.S. track and field athletes have spoken out … [Continue reading]

This Is Definitely Not What You Want To Happen When You’re Inspecting A Boat

Here's how I feel about large bodies of water: And here's how I feel about people willingly diving into large bodies of water for extended periods of time: So you can imagine my concern when I came across this video that was shot back in 1991 by … [Continue reading]

Sproing! Pfftt! Farting On A Yoga Ball

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Leo Reminds Everyone…

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Bruce Lee And Jackie Chan Might Have Been Friends

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Gave The Cat A Job, He Delivered…

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‘Annoying hall monitor’ Brian Stelter says Trump inviting followers to ‘gang up’ on reporter

Here’s the story so far: On Saturday night, President Trump called out The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel for tweeting a photo of a half-empty arena in Pensacola, Fla., where Trump appeared Friday night. Weigel deleted the tweet after … [Continue reading]


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