3-D Printing Is Now Allowing Expectant Parents To Do Some Really Creepy Stuff

Expectant parents can be an odd bunch. They’re usually bundles of nerves as their due dates get closer and closer. While they’re understandably nervous, they’re usually pretty excited to meet their new additions.

This excitement is good, but it can sometimes lead them to do bizarre things — things like getting decidedly creepy 3-D models made of their little ones.

See what I mean? Just imagine trying to explain that to guests.

These 3-D ultrasound models are an invention of U.K. company Baby Boo Scan.

Despite the general creepiness of it, these models are surprisingly popular. They’re also pretty accurate. See the resemblance here?

(via Mashable)

While I can certainly see the appeal, I think there are better ways of showing some love for your expectant child. But then again, that’s just my two cents.

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