Kids These Days Just Don’t Know How To Wear Their Pants.

Pants are meant to cover the bottom half of your body and keep you protected from the cold. There are people who believe you can make a fashion statement with pants. Some people do it right, other people just don’t get it. (Who knew pants could be so complicated?)

These are some of those people who don’t quite know how pants are supposed to work. … d’oh.


2.) You know, there is an easier fix for all of this.

3.) Man, you cannot be serious.

4.) If I had these pants, I’d never leave the couch.

5.) Saggy diaper pants are never “in.”

6.) What exactly happened to your pants, m’mam?

7.) NOPE.

8.) Pants: you’re doing it wrong.

9.) I hope, I hope, I hope this means elves are real.

10.) Cold? USE YOUR PANTS.

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This Horribly Jerky Note Shows Why You NEVER Judge Someone Without Knowing Them.

Acting as a crusader and lashing out at others seems noble, but you should watch your mouth before you unleash a stream of hatred… because you could just be plain wrong. A man left an angry note on a car using a handicapped spot, asking to see his wheelchair. When the quadriplegic owner of the car returned to find it, he was stunned.

“I would love to see your wheelchair! I’m guessing male 25-35 yrs, professional who thinks he’s got the world by the ass. But I could be wrong.”

In fact, the anonymous author of the note couldn’t be MORE wrong. Matt Milstead is a quadriplegic and was the owner of the car. The writer of the note didn’t even get his age right – he’s 36.

He parked his car in a handicapped spot to play a game of wheelchair rugby at a YMCA.

When he saw the note, Matt was mainly confused. He had no idea why the person just assumed he was stealing the stealing the close spot and wasn’t actually handicapped.

His wife Leslie wrote a message on Facebook aimed at the culprit: “You were so close on the age, he’s actually 36, and he is a professional with a full time job. He is also a quadriplegic, which for him means that he can no longer move his legs or his fingers in either hand. He has no grip. So, if you are willing to give him your functioning hands and legs for the rest of your life in exchange for his 6-year-old BMW and handicapped parking pass, I’m sure he’d make that trade.”

She also wrote, “Why are you so confident that a handicapped person couldn’t be a hard worker who is successful and owns a nice vehicle?” … we think she has a fair point.

The anonymous author may have been attempting to do good, but instead, he just insulted the ONE person who would need the spot. Lesson learned, we hope.
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This Girl Just Flipped Feminine Beauty On Its Head. These Grotesque Photos Say It All.

I once read this quote that has stuck in my mind: “What some women do to themselves for beauty would be considered torture if done by one person to another.” Australian artist Jessica Ledwich seems to agree with that quote, judging by this art series of hers she named “The Ferocious – Monstrous Feminine.” In the series Jessica grotesquely re-imagines traditional feminine beauty routines. In one of the images, a woman has her fingers severed and replaced with the tools used for traditional manicures. See some of the images from the series here below:

Ledwich says she hopes her images will make viewers question the increasing normalization of beauty treatments that once seemed extreme.

I personally think what is really disturbing now is the way that the expectation of a women to engage in beauty treatments, procedures and cosmetic surgery, is so ingrained in our culture that we don’t even think twice about it. These procedures are almost so mainstream now that you book them to fit between your grocery shopping and your laundry. There are a whole generation of young women who not only think it is normal to do this but that its desirable and worse, expected.

Source: Jessica Ledwich Share these thought provoking pictures with your friends below.

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An Office Greets A New Coworker With A Hilarious First-Day Prank.

It’s important to be welcoming when a new person joins your office. You want to make them feel comfortable and apart of the team, and the best way to do that? A prank! At least, that’s the case according to this office which scattered the perplexing face of eccentric actor Nicolas Cage all around the newbie’s future workspace. 

We paired the pics of their hilarious jest with some of his most, um, iconic movie quotes. Imagine seeing this as you start your first day…

1.) “Put… the bunny… back… in the box.” – Con Air

2.) “I saw you and you saw me, don’t pretend like you don’t know who I am girly man” – Snake Eyes

3.) “How, in the name of Zeus’s butthole, did you get out of your cell?” – The Rock

4.) ”Well, today’s your lucky day, ‘cause I brought an eagle.” – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

5.) “Hey. Dirtbag.” – Ghost Rider

6.) “I’ll be taking these Huggies and whatever cash ya got.” – Raising Arizona

7.) ”What’s that like? What’s it taste like? Describe it like Hemingway.” – City of Angels

8.) “If you dress like Halloween, ghouls will try to get in your pants.” – Face/Off

9.) “You will tell me or I will eat your stinking soul!” – Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

That’ll make anyone feel like a National Treasure!

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Here Are Shocking Deathbed Confessions That The World Should Hear.

Imagine keeping a secret so heinous that you couldn’t tell anyone you love…and holding it in until death. On a deathbed, many people feel safe enough to let their secrets out, knowing they will face whatever comes next with a clear conscience. Here are some famous examples of people that had to get something off their chest in their final hour. Some of these are truly shocking.

1.) Geraldine Kelly Confessed To The Murder Of Her Husband.

After years of domestic abuse, Geraldine Kelly shot her husband and hid his body in this freezer, where it remained for seven years. She told her children that a car hit him. In 2004, when she was in her final stages of terminal breast cancer, Geraldine admitted the fate of her husband to her daughter. The police found the freezer in a California storage unit, John Kelly’s body completely mummified.

2.) Lieutenant Walter Haut Confessed To The Secrets of Area 51.

In 2006, the media officer at the Roswell, New Mexico site, where an alien space vessel supposedly crashed-landed in 1947, claimed on his deathbed that he saw actually saw an alien spacecraft and two alien bodies in Area 51. He also claimed that an extensive cleanup operation took place to keep everything secret.

3.) James Brewer Confessed To Killing His Neighbor.

In 1977, James Brewer fled the state of Tennessee after his arrest for murdering his neighbor, Jimmy Carroll. He started a new life with his wife in Oklahoma and took on fake names. Three decades later, as Brewer was in the hospital after suffering from a stroke, he told his wife he wanted to confess his crime before he died. He told police that the secret was laying on his conscience for 30 years. Brewer didn’t end up dying, and was taken in by the authorities.

4.) In 1978, Fritz Moen, a shy deaf man with a severe speech impediment, was wrongly arrested for raping and killing a 20-year old girl in Norway. No forensic evidence linked him to the crimes. It wasn’t until 2005 when a man named Tor Hespo admitted to three nurses on his hospital deathbed that he committed the acts, and Moen was subsequently released.

5.) David Niven Confessed To His Secret Origins.

Academy Award nominated actor David Niven confessed on his deathbed to be the illegitimate son of a famous British politician who was afraid of having his career shamed by Niven’s birth.

6.) Alexander Gartshore Confessed to The Abduction Of A Little Girl.

In 1957 Moira Anderson of North Lanarkshire, Scotland went missing. Almost forty years later in 1999, Alexander Gartshore admitted on his deathbed to his daughter that he defiled and murdered the girl and her ghost was still haunting him. Moira’s remains were never found, even after Gartshore’s death and confession.

7.) E. Howard Hunt “Confessed” Involvement With The Kennedy Assassination.

E. Howard Hunt was a C.I.A operative involved in the Watergate Scandal. After his death, his two sons claimed they have recordings of Hunt on his deathbed naming those in a conspiracy responsible for the assassination of John F. Kennedy, including Lyndon B. Johnson. Hunt’s widow claims that these recordings are suspect and that the two sons preyed on his decaying mind to make money. Only Rolling Stone took these recordings seriously.

8.) Margaret Gibson Confessed To The Murder Of William Desmond Taylor.

William Desmond Taylor, one of Hollywood’s most successful silent film directors in the 1920s, was shot dead and authorities never found the culprit. 42 years later, a reclusive old woman in the hills called her neighbor over because she was dying and had a confession to make. She said she was an actor named Margaret Gibson and killed William Desmond Taylor. The two were romantically linked at one point, but the motive for the murder died with Margaret Gibson.

9.) Naaman Diller Confessed To The Infamous Clock Collection Heist.

In 1983, a collection of over 106 watches and clocks were stolen, the haul totaling to millions of dollars (with Marie Antoinette’s watch alone priced at $30 million). An Israeli named Naaman Diller confessed to his wife that he stole the collection, advising her to sell the collection. She took the watches to a museum where they were confirmed stolen.

10.) Christian Spurling Confessed To Faking The Famous Loch Ness Photo.

We’re familiar with the photo above of the notorious aquatic monster. But in 1994, the stepson of Marmaduke Wetherall, Christian Spurling, confessed on his deathbed that it was a hoax. Apparently Wetherall had Spurling created a model monster out of a toy submarine.

11.) Julian Altman Confessed To Stealing Bronisław Huberman’s Violin.

Julian Altman sneaked into famed violinist Bronisław Huberman’s dressing room when he was a 20-year-old nightclub musician and stole the musician’s violin. Julian Altman went on to be a famous violinist in his own right, using the violin to perform for presidents and dignitaries. On his deathbed, he confessed his crime to his wife and instructed her to sell it. Its current owner bought it for 4 million dollars.

12.) Diane Crawford Confessed To The Murders Of Two Women.

In 2008, a woman named Diane Crawford confessed to the murders of two women, Constance Smootz Hevener and Carolyn Hevener Perry, from all the way back in 1967. The two apparently made fun of Crawford for being a lesbian, which led to an altercation in which Crawford shot both women. Crawford fled to another town, got married, and had two children before returning to Staunton to live with a women, who she confessed her crime to.

The people who heard these confessions must have felt enormous pressure to do something with that information. I’m not sure what I would even do when faced with it…

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This Guy Chose The Wrong Person To House-Sit While He Went On Vacation. LOL, Epic Prank!

What this guy did while house sitting his friend’s place is hilarious, albeit slightly evil. He decided to turn random objects around the house into living things by adding stick-on googly eyes to them. I would call it a fantastic prank, but it seems to make the house more alive. Maybe in a creepy way. Hopefully his friend will see the humor in it…because the cat didn’t.

“While house sitting for a friend, I put up a bunch of googly eyes and facial feature stickers around the house.”

This one gets the Herp Derp prize.

This one looks just like Lumiere, the candlestick from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Seems like even angels are doing Movember now.

Why you so angry, coffee maker?

Deal with it!

The one that was never going to work for long…

“Reminded me of the A/C unit from The Brave Little Toaster.”

“Everyone has googly eyes!” (Bonus reindeer hat, mega chops, and Doctor Who cat button!)

“Can’t wait for them to get home!”

Source Share this, but be careful who sees it. You wouldn’t want to give your next house-sitter any ideas. 🙂

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Most People Think Cheerleaders Are Perfect People. Wait Until You See This.

We learn in high school that cheerleaders are delicate and graceful creatures. This idea seems to last a lifetime for most people… until you see this list of 25 hilarious cheerleader fails and awkward faces. #12 will have you laughing out loud.  

1.) One last look at the camera before you fall.

2) I don’t think this stunt ended well.

3.) That cameraman actually looks more terrified than the cheerleaders.

4.) That’s a painful back flip. 


5.) Lifting fail.


6.) Umm… what?

7.) She at least looks very enthusiastic.

8.) That’s the look of extreme concentration.

9.) They are suspiciously excited.

10.) Don’t be over confident. 


11.) Cheerleading and hockey is just a bad idea. 


The next one will make you cringe. OUCH… check the Next Page.

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As Soon As You See These 27 Pictures, Your Day Will Be Made. Guaranteed.

We all have a bad day every once in a while. Maybe it’s raining where you are and your boss is breathing down your neck. You have a deadline you need to meet and you stress out about it. Coffee isn’t doing its thing when you need your pick-me-up. You need something else to make your day better.

Let me provide that for you. Look at these pictures and you’ll have the strength to carry on, because they will seriously make your day.

1.) I’d give her treats all the time.

2.) She married her cat!

3.) They are clones!

4.) That’s so cute.

5.) A goodbye salutation.

6.) I hope you left it like that. She worked hard on it.

7.) Classic gentleman.

8.) It has meaning to both of them.

9.) Best uncle forever.

10.) They fought over her.

11.) Corgi.

12.) They know he has wisdom.

13.) Now it’s worth a million dollars.

14.) How could you teach organic chemistry for 54 years?

15.) Poor puppy.

16.) Family.

17.) Surf’s up!

18.) It’s a good game.

19.) Cats are not dogs.

20.) I hope she kept the receipt.

21.) Then he turned into a werewolf.

22.) At least she owned up to it.

23.) Middle school sweethearts.

24.) Frightening.

25.) We all have to overcome addictions somehow.

26.) Well-guarded sheep.

27.) That’s amazing.

 D’aww. These are all so cute. My day is so much better. Now I don’t think I’ll be sweating that report as much.

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Opera Colorado to stage The Scarlet Letter

Opera Colorado will present the world premiere of The Scarlet Letter—a new adaptation of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s iconic American novel by composer Lori Laitman and librettist David Mason. The premiere marks yet another major milestone for Opera Colorado, which recently announced a return to a three… #NathanielHawthorne

Check Out the Weird TV Shows You Won’t Believe Actually Got Made.

Consider this: 

Greenlighting a TV show takes many steps and invovles many people. First, there are the people who come up with the premise and create the characters and the pilot script. Then there are the studio folk who agree to produce it, and the networks who agree to distribute it. That’s a lot of people. There are so many steps, it’s hard to believe that terrible ideas actually make it to your living room.

These 10 bizarre shows were all flops, but they’re still kind of amazing.

1. My Mother the Car (1965-66)


The title kind of says it all. Kind of. The premise was that the main character (Jerry Van Dyke)’s deceased mother was reincarnated (see what I did there?) as an automobile. And…that was pretty much it. Even with such a bizarre concept, it’s possible the show could have been successful if placed into the right hands. But it wasn’t, and the show was cancelled quickly. However, both Simpsons executive producer James L. Brooks and Mary Tyler Moore co-creator Allen Burns have this show on their resumes. 

2. The Second Hundred Years (1967-68)


There was actually a lot going on here. First, the main premise is that in 1900, a gold miner was trapped in an avalanche and preserved in a state of suspended animation for 67 years, after which he’s thawed out and resumes living in 1960s California as your standard time-traveling fish out of water. To make things more complicated, he moves in with his son, who is now 67 and physically older than his own father. To make things even more complicated, his 67-year-old son also has a son, who is the same physical age as his grandfather (33), and played by the same actor. Did you get all that? Neither did audiences, and the show was cancelled. 

3. Me and the Chimp (1972)

We couldn’t find a video for this show’s theme, but you can listen to its musical genius here.

Even star Ted Bessell (a regular on That Girl) hated this one, and it’s easy to see why. The premise here was that a NASA lab chimp is adopted by Bessell’s family and chimp-themed hilarity ensues. Jackie, the chimp, was apparently quite difficult to work with and CBS yanked it after one season. Maybe it was a decent lesson in what not to do, though, as producer Garry Marshall would go on to give us Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley, and Bessell would win an Emmy for his work on The Tracey Ullman Show. The show itself lives on in infamy, and has been frequently invoked as the worst show of all time. 

4. AfterMASH (1983-85)


The premise of this show is summed up in its quite literal (and perhaps unintentionally ominous) title: It takes place after the events of MAS*H, which ran for 11 seasons and, in that time, won 14 Emmy awards. Understandably, but not wisely, CBS was just unwilling to let go of such a popular franchise, and so it came up with this. AfterMASH follows the exploits of three of the original show’s characters (Potter, Klinger and Mulcahy) at a veterans’ hospital in Missouri, after the Korean War. Which sounds kind of…depressing. The show was a Top 10 hit in its first season, probably because audiences were already familiar with the characters and the success of the original show. But there was only so much steam to the spin-off, and halfway through season two, NBC’s The A-Team drove it off the air. 

5. Mr. Smith (1983)


When a circus orangutan is separated from its trainer, it ends up drinking a top-secret substance that gives it an IQ of 256, which leads to it landing a position as an adviser to the president of the United States. We couldn’t make this up if we tried. The result is an ape in a suit voiced by executive producer Ed Weinberger, creator of Taxi and, later, The Cosby Show. This show was, one supposes, a lapse in judgment. 

6. The Charmings (1987-88)


This one could have been good. Its culture-clash theme was that Snow White and Prince Charming move from the land of fairy tales to 1980s Burbank. The show could have flourished, but it was bogged down by bad scripting. Not only that, but it aired opposite of Family Ties in its second season. Unable to compete with that show, The Charmings folded. 

7. Cop Rock (1990)


This was a musical crime drama. …that is pretty much all you need to know to understand why it failed. Police procedural Hill Street Blues creator Steven Boncho was behind this one. Randy Newman even provided the music…but it was doomed.

8. Homeboys in Outer Space (1996-97)


If the title doesn’t make you cringe, I don’t know what will. The premise was that two astronauts, played by Flex and Darryl Bell, traveled around in space in a car-shaped ship called the “Space Hoopty.” The car was controlled by a computer named Loquatia. The consensus was that while it might have worked as a sketch, it didn’t have enough substance to be a full-fledged sitcom. Despite that, it managed to hang on for 21 episodes. 

9. The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer (1998)


It’s very possible to derive humor from tragedy, but it has to be done carefully and with a considerable amount of intelligence. This was not the case here, where American slavery was the topic. The show follows the titular character leaving his native England and coming to Civil War-era America. Desmond, who is black, winds up working as Abraham Lincoln’s butler. A comedy touching on the painful subjects of slavery and racism could have been great, but this show’s gags were clumsy at best and offensive at worst, and the show only lasted a few episodes. 

10. Cavemen (2007)


In a classic example of how certain things are best left in certain forms, someone attempted to turn the cavemen from the early 2000s Geico commercials into sitcom stars. While they could be passably amusing in 30-second format, the cavemen naturally weren’t cut out for 30-minute format. Audiences seemed to understand that from the get-go. The Writers Guild strike in November of the same year provided an opportunity for the show to be cancelled. 

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