Colorado Success Could Lead to Further Change


Throughout the past year there have been sweeping changes across many states in the U.S aimed at providing new and legalised options for online sports betting and online gambling here, and with an aim at economic recovery it seems other states that may have been less likely to accept these changes may be the next to make the adjustment. Success of others will spur many to make the change too, and Colorado could become the poster child for legalised online sports betting after an extremely successful first year, and signs that the second year could provide numbers just as strong too.



The biggest online opportunities were found in sports like the NBA, NFL, NCAA, and many others too growing a $2.3 billion online sports betting market in the first year and being amongst the most successful states to make this change, with the agreement that a portion of this will also go to water conservation efforts in the state too it stands out amongst others for doing something very right – it has gained attention from across the pond too, the lower tax rates for these services at just 10% are attracting international companies too as the state could also welcome one of Europe’s largest sports books as Tipico have eyed Denver as a new hub within the US and creating over 400 jobs with the average annual salary approaching $100,000. Given the huge growth seen in the online space over this past year, the interest from these other businesses, and the changing of legislation in other states too, it could seem as if a there will be a following trend for further online options to emerge, and for these other online options to find similar levels of success too. 

Whilst numbers are still coming in from this past year for Colorado betting, it is expected that figures will be higher than the year before as events have returned to normal and some have even taken part in a bigger capacity too, and the introducing of a European sportsbook could lead to further international opportunities for punters and players too looking for the best online options. Colorado has shown a way forward for those perhaps on the fence, or those unsure around the most successful way to introduce change, but certain approaches with the lower tax rate in particular and the other conservation efforts voted on have helped push the needle and have helped to smooth the transition and certainly something that will be needed in the time to come for those less likely to have this online transition.