These 18 Cats Were Busted In the Act. Now They’re Being Hilariously And Adorably Shamed.

A month or two ago, we posted a compilation of dogs being shamed after getting busted in the act. Some of them tore up furniture and others used the carpet the way they would use the grass. Either way, it was pretty darn adorable. So, now it’s the cats’ turn. Unlike the dogs, I’m not entirely sure these cats really care. Judge for yourself.

1. This cat doesn’t even care.

2. This one’s a philosopher.

3. This cat likes to get revenge.

4. This one’s reckless.

5. This cat doesn’t want mom to graduate.

6. This one’s a butthole.

7. This can is a crafty little thief.

8. This one’s just gross.

9. This cat has no idea why mom doesn’t like the taste.

10. This one’s a recycler.

11. This cat swears it was a total accident.

12. This one’s a glutton.

13. This cat has some jerky owners. We’re on his side.

14. This one’s a buttface.

15. This cat doesn’t believe in pre-maritalyl living together.

16. This one’s just mean.

17. This cat doesn’t want his litter box cleaned.

18. And this one’s a pacifist.

Somehow I don’t think this shaming technique has the same effect on cats. In fat, I am waiting for a human-shaming compilation, orchestrated by cats everywhere. Read more:

She Had To Leave Her Dying Baby’s Side. When You See Why, Your Heart Will Break.

When Melanie Coffee’s plane went down, it was a miracle she survived. She and only six other people made out of the Alaskan plane crash alive. The light aircraft plunged to the ground because of a terrible blizzard. After impact, not only was she injured, but her heart was broken. Her newborn baby was killed in the crash… but she knew she couldn’t stay by his side.

After her plane crashed, Melanie had to abandoned her deceased infant in order to get help.

Wyatt was only 5 months-old when the plane went down.

He tragically died on the scene, but his mother attempted to revive him.

When she realized he was gone, she left his body in order to walk to get help for the other passengers that survived the accident.

She walked over a mile in a blizzard, away from her dead child, to fetch help.

There were only 6 survivors in the crash, and she was the only one able to go get help.

Wyatt was her first child. She and her partner are absolutely heartbroken.

Wyatt’s father, Keith Andrew, is comforting Melanie during this terrible time.

Melanie’s strength is so intense, it’s almost hard to understand. We hope she and her family cope with the loss of her dear boy, but always remember that she is a hero.
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This Egg Is So Rare That When It Was Crushed, An Entire Team Leapt Into Action. You’ll See Why.

Have you ever heard of a Kakapo? I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t. These incredibly rare parrots live in New Zealand. They are large, scholarly-looking birds that you’d just want to cuddle (if they weren’t a wild animal with really, really sharp claws). Their numbers are rapidly dwindling, they are officially a “critically endangered” species. Researchers can count (and list by name) the number of Kakapos left on earth. That’s why when one chick was in danger, an entire group of rescuers leapt into action.

This little gentleman is a Kakapo, also known as the owl parrot.

Kakapos are large, flightless, nocturnal, ground dwelling parrots. And they are on the brink of extinction. There are approximately only 125 individuals alive today.

So when Lisa, the momma bird, accidentally crushed her egg it was vital for her keepers to attempt to save it.

The keepers used a gentle adhesive to hold the egg together, hoping that the membrane inside and the baby Kakapo weren’t damaged.

All they could do was pray and wait.

Then, a miracle! The little Kakapo broke through the shell on February 28th, 2014.

This chick is the first Kakapo hatched in 2014.

Smile for the camera!

The little chick is growing and staying strong. Hopefully, this is just one chick on the road to helping the Kakapo recover.

Kakapos are unique, wonderful birds of New Zealand. Kakapo Recovery is an organization dedicated to saving the critically endangered animal. They work closely with the Kakapo population of Codfish Island in New Zealand to help boost their numbers. This was dramatically illustrated by the phenomenal breeding event of 2002, when 24 chicks were added to the kakapo population in a matter of months and again in 2009 when 33 chicks hatched. Two kakapo staff work on Whenua Hou, and have to put up with an isolated location and the wild weather of New Zealand’s deep south. It has no roads and is reached by light plane or helicopter. The island is a specially-protected nature reserve, and no unauthorised landing is permitted. If you’d like to help the Kakapo, please visit the Kapapo Recovery’s website and donate to their cause. Source: Kakapo Recovery Facebook Share this other others and help the Kakapo stay on earth a little longer.

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You Need This Ridiculously Precious Cat In Your Life. Trust Me.

Spanish photographer and filmmaker Jesús Segura didn’t set out to become a cat photographer. Fate chose him when he found this adorable fluffy friend.

Segura spent a year out of work and was in desperate need of some cheering up when he discovered Napoleon at his front door. The cat was only two months old, but Segura noticed something special about how his new feline friend observed the world. Feeling inspired, he grabbed his camera and set out to showcase this munchkin’s versatility.  

This cutie was clearly born to be in front of a camera.

Segura set up a mini-studio and started snapping.

Napoleon can take on any emotion.

Segura then edits him in quirky settings, like this bar.

And this homage to Psycho.

Even aliens know Napoleon is the cutest kitty around.

Segura hopes to raise enough funds through his Indiegogo project to share the adorableness with this Napoleon calendar.

Segura works around Napoleon’s eating, sleeping, and play schedule and tries to make every photo shoot fun for him. You can hear him discuss the project in detail here:


(via Elite Daily.)

So far, Segura is over halfway to his financial goal with 9 days to meet the $3,000 mark. Visit his Indiegogo page to see how you can help spread the word about this amazing little guy.

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Seeing This Dog May Shock You At First. But Keep Looking Because What Happened Is Amazing.

You’ll never find a dog like Pig, she is a one-in-a-million kind of canine. She was found in the woods near Atlanta, abandoned by her feral mother. The veterinarian who looked her over at first recommended putting the monstrous puppy down. When Kim Dillenbeck heard about the deformed puppy, she had to see her for herself. Kim had rescued animals before, but never a dog like Pig. Without her adoptive mother’s help, she wouldn’t have been able to survive.

Pig was found alone in the woods.

Without intervention, this unique puppy would have died.

There’s something different about Pig…

The dog’s spine is incomplete, with portions missing. Some of her vertebrae are fused and twisted.

Pig’s also missing a few of her ribs. Her joints and hips are rotated in the wrong positions.

Her spinal cord that divides into two separate cords at her neck.

But even though she has severe deformities, she might just be okay in her new, loving home.

She won’t be able to gain much weight.

However, with enough attention and love, Pig will be just fine.

She knows how lucky she is!

(H/T Twenty Two Words) What Kim did for Pig was an incredible kindness; she single-handedly saved this special dog who would have otherwise been euthanized. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Appearances can be deceiving. Kim discovered what a wonderful creature Pig is, and she wouldn’t have if she would have passed her by.

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Why Disney Should Just Chill With Frozen Already. Let It Go.

Even though Disney’s massive hit Frozen was released almost a year ago, it is still everywhere. The characters and songs will be permafrosted into Disney products and merchandise for years.

Disney has yet to announce an upcoming sequel, but given the movie’s popularity? They don’t even need to.

Honestly, though, Disney? Let It Go.

1.) Disney has already incorporated Frozen characters into the fourth season of its hit fairy tale show ‘Once Upon A Time’.

Guess they just completely skipped over the Wreck It Ralph crew, huh?

2.) Throughout the month of November Queen Else will use her powers to transform Cinderella’s castle into an ice palace every night.

So like, did Cinderella even have a say in this?

3.) The Frozen cast will make an appearance in the Christmas parade this year at the Magic Kingdom.

‘Olaf’ the yule tide fun.

4.) Disney will soon open the ‘Wondering Oaken’s Frozen Snowground’ retail store feature Frozen merchandise.

And real snow!

5.) Also at the Disney Hollywood Studios park, the Frozen Premium Package, which features a special dessert party and guaranteed seats at the park’s Frozen sing-a-long show.

Ugh. So you know how you already hate it when people sing that song at dinner?

6.) Disney is updating the ‘Maelstorm’ ride at Disney’s Epcot to include the characters of Frozen.

Say goodbye to the trolls and the oil drums, Maelstorm fans.

7.) The Norwegian pavilion will also feature a “royal” greeting location for Anna and Elsa.

Meet and greet lines at the temporary station at Magic Kingdom would regularly exceed four hours. (Parents know they can just not tell their children about this sort of thing right?)

8.) In 2014 Elsa was one of the 100 commonly used baby names in the world.

Interesting fact: it’s actually the siblings of new infants that are influential in naming them. I feel like if my parents let me name my brother he’d be named “Pumba”.

9.) There is a Frozen video game for the Nintendo 3DS.

It’s really just Olaf trying to figure out how to make more effective legs for himself.

10.) There will be a Frozen musical on Broadway.

Of course.

11.) Random House has sold over 8 million Frozen-related books.

Eh, the movie was better.

12.) Because of the movie’s popularity, there was a SEVERE shortage of Frozen merchandise in 2014.


When has this happened ever?

13.) Disney’s international tourism wing, Adventures by Disney has added more Norway tours.

Somehow I don’t think kids will appreciate Norwegian black metal as much as the people of Oslo.

14.) There will be a Disney On Ice Frozen show.

Of course.

Don’t get me wrong, Frozen was actually pretty awesome. But no matter how amazing a Disney movie is, does it really deserve to take over the world?

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22 Couples Who Show The True Meaning Of Love.

Relationships are never really like they seem in your favorite romantic comedies. The credits may roll for the likes of Harry and Sally, but for the rest of us there’s a lot more to work through. 

But, if you’re lucky, you find the person who helps you not only weather through life’s ups and downs but also grow stronger — because you have each other. And that’s clearly the case with these adorable duos who have passed the test of time. Take a look.

1.) This couple who ride together in style.

2.) And then one who takes that style up a notch.

3.) This couple who still act like honeymooners after 65 years together.

4.) This man who still takes the time to pick the perfect card.

5.) This couple who still know how to embrace every picturesque moment.

6.) This couple who makes waiting for a train worthwhile.

7.) This couple who walked along the beach hand-in-hand, happily greeting everyone.

8.) This couple who still hold hands while taking a stroll.

9.) This couple who know how to treat themselves, together.

10.) This couple who hit a real homerun in ’61.

11.) This couple who still takes long walks together (and bring their cat along).

12.) This couple who knows how to keep each other warm at night.

13.) This couple who know how to embrace the kid at heart.

14.) This couple who are still lovin’ it.

15.) This couple that still see fireworks when they’re together.

16.) This couple who share the heavy burdens.

17.) This couple who know how to fun no matter where they are.

18.) This couple cracking themselves up at a Costco. (She’s reading a children’s book to him!)

19.) This couple who save the first, middle and last dance for each other.

20.) This couple who still teach each other new tricks.

21.) This coordinated couple.

22.) And this couple who embrace their own sense of style.

(via BuzzFeed.)

See, romance doesn’t have to fade just because you’re hair color does… I’ll have what they’re having.

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Here Are Some Terrifying Birds That Would Kill You If Given The Chance.

Apparently Alfred Hitchcock wasn’t too far off in his uber-famous Birds movie. While these 11 birds have a long list of things they’re willing to eat, if you’re not careful, you could end up as one of them, too. (Probably. It seems likely.)

Don’t believe us? Check out these terrifying “birds” and tell us you aren’t freaking out!

1.) Marabou Stork.

Standing up to 5 feet, with a wingspan reported to extend over 10 feet, this stork often kills children who wander too close and are called the undertaker of the bird world due to their ghastly appearance.

2.) African Crowned Eagle.

Found in East Africa, this bird can often be found taking down large monkeys, and the occasional human child. Believe it or not, they’ve also been found to kill antelope.

3.) Greater Honeyguide.

Ok this is gruesome. This chick is hatched along with several brothers and sisters. Each comes with a razor sharp beak that won’t dull until adulthood. Why does it stick around during its youth? Because this chick will eat its siblings until only one survives. Gross.

4.) Vulturine Guinea Fowl.

These highly aggressive, sharp beaked ground stalkers hunt in groups, and unusually for a relative of chickens, capture and kill small mammals. Not too mention they’re incredibly creepy looking vultures!

5.) Anhinga.

Also known as Snake Birds, these all black birds often rise up from the depths of the water where only their sliver of a beak is exposed. Combined with their penchant for an unusual mating call and slinking back in the water, you never know what they’ll go after for dinner next.

6.) Hood Mockingbird.

Found on the Galapagos Islands, these birds have conquered the lack of food sources on the island by learning to drink the blood of young seabirds while they sit in their nests. Oddly enough, they typically leave the “victim” alive, to one day feast on more blood.

7.) Vampire Finch.

Another blood drinker, the small vampire bird is hard to shake off, and will quickly return for more due to its high metabolism.

8.) Antarctic Giant Petrel.

Weighing up to 18 pounds with a wingspan of 7 feet, the ghastly Giant Petrel stalks the colonies of multiple penguin species. Seriously, they’ll take down ANY of them, and you won’t see it in any penguin documentary.

9.) Great White Pelican.

These birds have often been seen eating huge fish and animals…whole. Indeed the Great White was recently filmed at a London park capturing a live pigeon in its massive jaws, before swallowing the bird . . . alive. Whoa.

10.) Great Gray Shrike.

This bird learns to mimic songs sung by other birds, lures them in, and kills them. Just for sport. Seriously…

11.) Greater Adjutant.

Similar to the Marabou Stork, this bird is a scavenger that can often be seen in India’s garbage dumps where it favors human and dog feces.

(via Listverse)

And you thought birds were all about singing songs and pecking at seed, right? Seriously, these birds have just reached “nightmare status.” Especially those freaking human-sized storks. How do these things exist?!

OMG. Be sure to share these with your friends using the buttons below. I bet they’ll freak even more than me!

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This Flock Of Sheep Is Very Real, Even Though It Looks Like A Hallucination.

If you came across a flock of rainbow-colored sheep, you probably would think you were in the middle of a dream.

You can stop pinching yourself, though. Thanks to photographer Gray Malin, these colorful sheep are 100% real. In his project, “The Dream Series,” Malin captured these amazing creatures as they roamed about a grassy field. It’s surreal, to say the least. Take a look!  

The Dream Series.




There they go!

Naturally, an actual rainbow decides to get in on the fun.

They certainly seem to be having a great time.

Don’t worry about the well-being of these animals. They were given vegetable dyes, and the dyes easily wash off.

Grazing was never so much fun to watch.


(via Huffington Post)

Malin is a charitable man in addition to being a great artist. Twenty percent of all proceeds from “The Dream Series” photographs will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. For more of Malin’s work, check out his website.

If you want to see these colorful sheep in action, just watch the video below!

[vimeo 106024778 w=700 h=394]

The Dream Series from Gray Malin on Vimeo.

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This Mom Has A Shocking Confession About Her Family. One Everyone Should See.

Rachel Martin is a mother. Not only is she a mother of seven children, she is an avid writer, speaker, blogger, celiac disease advocate and much, much, more. What sets her voice apart from the rest online is that she speaks the truth about motherhood. Rachel doesn’t sugarcoat it and you know what? She is an inspiration. She is real, she is daring and you need to read her mom confession that has everyone talking.

Check it out:

“I am writing this in my hallway at the top of the stairs because my two little boys won’t stay in their room and go to bed unless I sit up here at the doorway and utter words like go to bed and stay in bed now – I mean it and no more water and you will lose media time if you get out of your bed again until they both decide to give in, slip under their covers and go to sleep.

That’s the truth.

I’ve tried charts. Bedtime routines. Stickers. Time outs. All of it. And I’ve resorted to working at the top of the stairs for an hour each night and muttering those phrases. I’ve actually gotten quite used to emailing, tweeting, facebooking, and writing with my back against the door to my room and my eyes constantly looking in their room to see if they’re asleep.

(they’re not right now… in case you were wondering.)”

My life isn’t all together. I’ve got my share, well more than my share, of ups and downs, fails and do-overs, highs and lows, and sitting at the top of the stair moments because I can’t seem to think of something better to do.

I make boxed macaroni and cheese for lunch with the little powdered cheese.

We don’t eat organic apples.

I buy my kids fruit roll ups.

“Sometimes my kids play too much media.

I skip words, okay paragraphs, in long books at bedtime.

I don’t fold all the little boys clothes because they just dump them out anyway.

My sock basket is rarely ever folded.

I don’t like doing dishes.

My living room right now (which I can see because I am sitting at the top of the stairs) has throw pillows on the floor, papers on the couch, a lamp shade that’s crooked, shoes scattered by the door, and a couple empty boxes waiting for the toys to be dumped back in.

My pinterest board however, has pictures of perfectly organized living rooms.

I love Starbucks and will drive there sometimes with the kids in the back and then I will take the long way home.

I get impatient with my kids.

And I’m normal.

My kids? Well, they’re normal. Or as normal as kids who want every single thing fair are ever going to be.

Motherhood isn’t based on perfection. It’s not based on having gluten free (which we must have in my world) or whole wheat macaroni with organic apples and socks that are matched and never getting impatient and a perfectly picked up living room that looks like a pinterest board.

Motherhood is simply real.

Real with real moms who lose their patience, who want to throw in the towel, who have kids (like my Samuel who is now in the hallway next to me telling me he doesn’t want to go to bed now) who don’t stay in bed. It’s full of moms who have to work who’d rather stay home. Or moms who stay home who’d rather work. Or moms who are simply tired with the every day same routine.

It’s full of real moms who take their kids to the apple orchard and the zoo and the coffee shop and the grocery store and the doctor and to school and all of that normal stuff. It’s full of moms who feel like all they do is the laundry again and again and if they see clean clothes stuffed in the hamper again they threaten to take them away and sell them (or maybe that’s just me). It’s full of moms who are happy, joyful, sad, overwhelmed, and well, let’s face it real.

That’s the being enough mom.

That’s my confession. It’s not that I don’t want to be better. I think at heart we wake up each day and want each day to be better than the next. That’s why I celebrate pulling up the boot straps and trying again and again and giving yourself grace. (Don’t forget grace. Ever.) Motherhood has moments of extreme patience, extreme trying, and really learning to not compare.

Motherhood isn’t based on external markers of perfection.

Motherhood is an act of learning. Every single day. It’s being okay with the fact that maybe you like the convenience of that boxed macaroni and cheese. You know why? It’s because it’s not based on what other moms are doing – it’s based on you – on you knowing your family, knowing what is best for your family, and being brave and confident in what you’re doing.

Motherhood, and in fact life, is often this journey of waking up and discovering self.

That’s the truth.

So I tell you, you right now, you the mother in whatever stage of motherhood you may find yourself that you are doing just fine. You are doing fine if your kids don’t stay in bed, you hate potty training (does anyone like that one?), your kids have melt downs in the store, you get exasperated, you sneak the last bit of ice cream for yourself, and well, you’re just you. Just keep trying, keep doing your best, and keep growing more and more confident in your ability to mother.

You know what your kids need? Of course you do. They don’t need perfect.

They need you.

You, the imperfect wonderfully perfect for your kids, mother.

That’s my mom confession today.

Oh yes, and we’re having hot dogs and peaches and macaroni and cheese for lunch.”

To read more of what Rachel has to say, buy her inspirational e-book, The Dear Mom Letters. Or, follow her on Twitter.
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