This Is A Moment That Would Make Your Heart Stop. Watch What This Cheetah Does.

While on safari in Tanzania, Australian photographer Bobby-Jo Clow had a cheetah encounter that made wildlife enthusiasts jealous the world over. Even if you’re not a lover of big cats, her recent encounter will still intrigue you. A curious juvenile cheetah and his sibling spotted the Land Rovers rolling through their home, so they decided to do something incredible.

During the safari, a friendly cheetah popped his head in to say hello.

He was fairly young, and curious as a newly born kitten.

He and his sibling were really interested in the photographer and her friends.

Cheetahs are one of the few big cats that can actually purr, but few get close enough to hear it themselves.

“Oh, hi there!” Cheetahs also don’t roar like lions or tigers, they have a variety of other vocalizations they use.

He dangled his paws in front of her face, gave everyone a curious sniff and was happy to be the subject of some pretty spectacular photos.

It would have been hard NOT to reach up and give this cuddly cub a tummy rub.

However, it’s good they stayed in their cars, cheetahs are still wild creatures and their momma was nearby.

But man, are they CUTE.

Cheetahs are graceful big cats that can reach speeds up to 70mph. Although they typically live alone, cheetahs can be found in groups if they are part of young families, or are young males. Cheetahs are typically pretty shy, so the photographers were lucky to get so close to these wild juveniles. I know I’d feel lucky to have this experience. Share it with others!

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Here Are 18 Animals Hiding In Plain Sight. Can You Spot Them All? This Is Awesome.

Get ready for your mind to be blown. When you see these photos, you won’t realize you’re actually looking at an animal. But, look very closely. Once you realize what you’re looking at, you’ll do a double take.

Warning: it’s completely normal to become filled with rage if you can’t find the hidden animal.

Spot the American pika.

Spot the blue-crowned parrot.

Spot the caiman.

Spot the California ground squirrel.

Spot the cheetah.

Spot the common snipe.

Spot the coyote.

Spot the giraffe.

Spot the great horned owl.

Spot the falcon.

Spot the horned adder.

Spot the impala.

Spot the leopard.

Spot the hawk.

Spot the spotted deer.

Spot the wandering tattler.

Spot the willow ptarmigan.

Spot the wolf.

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Ikea Advertises Adoptable Dogs In Their Stores, Because Every Home Needs A Loving Pet

Home For Hope is a project that was born out of a pressing issue in Singapore, the amount of dogs living in shelters and not getting adopted. With a limited budget, most animal shelters can only afford to voice their messages using social media, but the problem with that is their followers are mostly pet lovers who already have adopted dogs. So to reach a broader audience Home For Hope teamed up with IKEA for a much needed exposure for homeless pets. Watch the creation of this heartwarming viral ad campaign in the video below, then go out and adopt a friend for life!

(Source: Home for Hope – You can find their website here) Furniture might be what makes your living space more comfortable, but nothing makes a house feel like home more than a four-legged bundle of love. Share this incredible IKEA campaign with your friends below. Read more:

Two Helpless Deer Were Trapped On An Icy Lake. What A Father And Son Did Next Is Totally Brilliant.

A guy named James saw a Facebook post about two deer that were stranded on Albert Lea Lake. It was iced over, so the poor deer couldn’t get their footing and make it to safety. They were there for as long as THREE DAYS before James saw this post. That’s when he and his dad took matters into their own hands. They got their hovercraft ready and headed to the lake.


A father, son, GoPro camera, hovercraft, and two stranded deer… that’s apparently the recipe for an incredible video. Share this awesome act of kindness with others. And because it included a hovercraft, which is just awesome. Read more:

What These Innocent Bystanders Saw On The Golden Gate Bridge Is Almost Magical.

Whenever I’m driving and I encounter a deer, I usually freak out just a little bit. Not only is it pretty rare to see deer in major metropolitan area, but the thought of hitting a deer is just too horrifying. So, it’s no wonder that these people were a little shocked by what they saw on the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.  

It is not uncommon to find deer in rural areas or even the suburbs, but in large cities, especially on major highways, it is rare to say the least. So I’m sure most commuters were astonished when they saw this…

I hope the deer made it home okay. Traffic jams can be so stressful, even for various wildlife.

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Step One: Save This Post. Step Two: Open It Any Time You Ever Feel Sad. Step Three: Repeat.

It’s no secret that animals are happier than we are. They don’t worry about bills, breakups or any of the nonsense we have to. All they have to do is show up, be cute and be happy. If you want to learn a thing or two about living a happy life, just look at your animal friends! Here are 20 of the happiest smiling animals that have ever been caught on film. WARNING: their happiness is contagious.

Oh you GUYS!

Hayyyy! How are you?

This froggy has a happy secret.

What a humorous hyena!


Someone has a case of the giggles!

That was a knee-slapper!

Wanna be my friend?

I may be little, but my smile is BIG.

Otter LOLS!

This is what a contented smile looks like.

Big cats have big cat GRINS.

This guy could put anyone in a good mood.

Purrrrrrrfect smile, kitty.


Baby elephants generate happiness.

Oh my! Are these for me?!

This goat kid isn’t kidding, he wants you to smile!

Just keep swimming, just keep smiling!

(H/T Twenty Two Words) It has been proven that owning a pet can lower your blood pressure. Even if these happy little guys weren’t a fix for all of your problems in life, hopefully they put a big ole grin on your face! If you loved these animals, spread the happiness by sharing them with others.

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A Father Secretly Films His Daughter’s Selfie Session, And It’s Hilarious.

Rob Beckham was out driving with his daughter in the back when he noticed quite a bit of movement in the rear mirror and realized it was his daughter having one heck of a selfie photo session.

After giggling at her for a while he realized he really needed to capture this moment for posterity’s sake. Good thing he did, since it’s absolutely hilarious!

(Source: Rumble Viral / Rob Beckham)

In case you were wondering…

No. You do NOT look cool.

Stop all of the selfie madness.

Oh, god.

What an age we live in, parents no longer need to tell embarrassing stories about their children.

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Dementia is Stealing this Woman’s Mind. But What Her Husband Just Did Proves It Can’t Steal Love.

Matt and Julie Muircroft have been happily married for years, but recently, dementia has been stealing Julie’s mind from her. He needed to move back to Scotland, but feared the change in scenery would upset his wife who can get confused over the smallest things.

That’s why he decided to dedicate hours upon hours to recreating their old home in their new apartment.

This is one of the photographs Matt used to help recreate their former home.

He made sure that the new apartment looked exactly like their old one so his wife would feel comfortable.

When people with dementia change their surroundings, they can became even more confused and stressed.

So Matt painstakingly and lovingly created a happy home for Julie all over again.

The new apartment is a monument of his love for her… and we think it’s incredible.

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A Room Full Of Balloons Taught These People How To Work Together.

“Give freely unto others and you’ll receive it back ten fold.” That’s how the saying goes right? (We sure hope so, anyway.) Because after reading this, you’ll want to give all of what you can to others. In the end, that’ll make you happy. We’d completely understand if you wanted to act like Ebenezer Scrooge and spread happiness like you’ve been given a second chance on Christmas Day.

(Source: The Meta Picture) Are you feeling happy yet? It’s amazing that just helping others can be so important when it comes to helping yourself. Please share this unexpected wisdom with others using the button below.

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