Dementia is Stealing this Woman’s Mind. But What Her Husband Just Did Proves It Can’t Steal Love.

Matt and Julie Muircroft have been happily married for years, but recently, dementia has been stealing Julie’s mind from her. He needed to move back to Scotland, but feared the change in scenery would upset his wife who can get confused over the smallest things.

That’s why he decided to dedicate hours upon hours to recreating their old home in their new apartment.

This is one of the photographs Matt used to help recreate their former home.

He made sure that the new apartment looked exactly like their old one so his wife would feel comfortable.

When people with dementia change their surroundings, they can became even more confused and stressed.

So Matt painstakingly and lovingly created a happy home for Julie all over again.

The new apartment is a monument of his love for her… and we think it’s incredible.

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