These 9 Places Transform Into Something Amazing At Night.

During the summer vacation season, most people are leaving their homes with the intention of seeing cool things during the day. The summer sun is a hard thing to resist. Sometimes though, nature’s greatest sights and sounds are at night.

When the sun goes down, different flora, fauna and other forms of life appear. The world changes, and sometimes it’s for the better. These nine amazing destinations, for one reason or another, transform into something epic at night.

1.) Glowing Mushrooms, New England.

This glowing fungus is known as Panellus stipticus, sometimes also called bitter oyster. It’s a relatively common sight in the forests of New England.

2.) Waitomo Cave, New Zealand

No those aren’t more bioluminescent mushrooms, those lights are from thousands of glow worms. Their lights serve two purposes: attract mates, and attract prey.

3.) Blue Grotto, Capri, Italy

The glow of the Blue Grotto looks a bit erie and supernatural. However the water gets is creepy glow because of light from outside the cave.

Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

The Smokey Mountains in Tennessee have one of the most unique firefly displays in the world. Every year the fireflies synchronize their flashes in a show that’s not to be missed.

5.) Aurora Borealis in Canada.

What more is there to say about the Northern Lights? They’re breathtaking, and Canada is the best place to see them from.

6.) Toyama Bay, Japan

Firefly squid normally spend their time in the deep ocean, but they make regular appearances in Toyama Bay, Japan. The bay is a key spawning area for the creatures.

7.) Kilauea, Hawaii

Active volcano at night? Yes please!

8.) Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

These famous salt flats in Bolivia not only make for amazing pictures during the day, but after the sun sets you’re treated to an amazing night sky.

9.) Vaadhoo, Maldives

Who doesn’t love some bioluminescent phytoplankton? These tiny sea creatures glow a haunting shade of blue when they’re washed up on the shore. It’s a pretty surreal sight to behold.

(H/T: Distractify)

The next time you’re packing your bags, don’t just think about what will happen at your destination during the day. Sometimes the night can be just as beautiful.
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Believe It Or Not, These Futuristic Inventions Currently Exist. The Future Is NOW.

The future is now. You may not realize it, but we have access to much of the technology that seemed like nothing but science fiction just a few years ago. Perhaps our collective disappointment in not having hoverboards that we can ride around a la Marty McFly in Back to the Future Part II and III has overshadowed our incredible accomplishments. Seriously though, the technology we have to work with is amazing.

…Okay, fine, the technology that some people have to work with is amazing. That said, don’t underestimate how cool simply being able to observe from afar. Check this technology out!

1.) Aerodynamic Big Rig Trucks

2.) Powered Exoskeletons

3.) Self-Driving Cars

4.) Remote-Controlled Drones

Mercury Press Agency

5.) Flying Cars

6.) Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggles

7.) Grass Charging Stations

8.) Bionic Eyes

9.) Smart Watches


10.) Heavy-Duty Laser Trucks

11.) Robotic Mining Trucks

12.) Battery-Powered Unicycles

13.) Bendable Phones

14.) Blade-less Fans

15.) 3D Printers

(via techeblog)

Wow. These things are amazing. If you’re feeling left out from the future, just remember what you’re reading this on. It might not be a smart watch, but it should keep you entertained until we all have access to flying cars. First one to the moon has to take the other one’s powered exoskeleton to the dry cleaners.

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These Incredibly Smart People Somehow Predicted Every Aspect Of Our Life.

People always say, “You can’t predict the future.” While that may be true in some instances, but either by pure chance or some kind of cosmic intelligence, there have been people who have made bold predictions and they came true. You won’t believe how accurate some of these real-life prophets were. 


1.) In 1914 science fiction writer H.G Wells predicted the atomic bomb, which wasn’t invented until 1942. In his novel “The World Set Free” he even uses the term “atomic bomb”.

2.) All the way back in 1919 Nikola Tesla predicted text messaging. He described an “apparatus” that could be used to “transmit wireless messages all over the world”. I’m going to refer to my phone as an “apparatus” from now on if that’s ok with everyone.

3.) In 1865, author of “From The Earth To The Moon”, Jules Verne predicted the Apollo moon landing. In Verne’s story he predicts not only that the launch to the moon would take place in Florida, that there will be three astronauts on board and that gravity will feel weightless up there (the science had yet to be concluded on what gravity in space was like), but he also predicted THE EXACT COORDINATES that the spacecraft would land on the moon, at 27°7′ northern latitude and 5°7′ western longitude. What the whaaaat??

4.) In 1968 Arthur C. Clarke predicted the Ipad. Ever notice that scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey (which was based off of Clarke’s novel) where the astronauts eat their breakfast while reading from something suspiciously similar to the Ipad? Yeah, that thing actually didn’t come out until 2010. Actually, the original Ipad kinda even looked like a monolith.

5.) In 1898 Morgan Robertson predicted the sinking of the Titanic in her short story, “Futility, Or The Wreck of the Titan”, 14 years before it happened. In the story the largest ship ever made crashes into an iceberg. Huh.

6.) This guy, Raymond Kurzweil who is currently serving as Director of Engineering for Google, has predicted an impressive amount of feats in human history. For example, he predicted the fall of the Soviets by 1991 (yup!) and that a computer will beat the best human chess player by 2000 (and yup!). So far his record for prophecies has him at 86% percent accuracy. Roughly 89 of his 108 predictions have come true. Slow down, Nostradamus!

7.) Although he’s not a science fiction writer or inventor, let’s give Colin Kaepernick credit for predicting that at nine years old he would play professional football. Dude, he even got the team right!

Hopefully this will inspire you to make some predictions on your own. Personally I think dinosaurs are coming back, baby! Give this a share on Facebook, you sweet fortune cookies, you!


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If You Love Fast Food, You Should Probably Know These Random Facts About It.

What’s not to love about fast food? It’s fast, it’s food, it’s tremendously bad for you. Okay, well, maybe that part isn’t so great, but at least it tastes amazing (especially when you don’t feel like cooking). Sometimes, you even get a tiny, plastic toy with your meal.

You may say that you love fast food, but you probably know very little about it. Just check out some of these interesting facts from the industry.

1.) White Castle was the first fast food hamburger restaurant.

2.) McDonald’s is the world’s largest distributor of toys.

3.) Burger King is called Hungry Jack’s in Australia.

4.) Some of the avocados used in Chipotle’s guacamole were grown by singer Jason Mraz.


5.) Subway built a mobile store that could accommodate the people working on the World Trade Center construction site–no matter what floor they were on.

6.) Colonel Sanders was disgusted by KFC’s food after he left the company.

7.) McDonald’s daily customer traffic is larger than the entire population of Great Britain.

8.) NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal owns about 10% of the Five Guys in North America.

9.) Pizza Hut made a delivery to the International Space Station. It cost over one million dollars.

10.) Waffle House claims to sell more steak than any other restaurant.

11.) The “B.M.T.” in Subway’s Italian B.M.T. stands for Brooklyn Manhattan Transit, the name of an old transit corporation.

12.) IHOP adds pancake batter to their omelets.

13.) Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas didn’t receive his GED until he was 61 years old.

14.) Panera Bread lost a lawsuit against Qdoba after insisting that burritos were sandwiches.

15.) McDonald’s sells 75 burgers every second.

My mind was blown, my wallet is open and now I need to go get a large cheeseburger somewhere… it’s just that kind of night. 

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Step One Foot In Any Of These 29 Places And Your Life Will Never Be The Same. Wow.

All over our country, there are natural wonders just waiting to be discovered. You don’t have to travel to far and distant lands to be overwhelmed by natural beauty. There are some things in America that you simply need to see before you die. These 29 cool places are just the start of that list. When you finally see any of these in person, you’ll probably realize just how cool planet earth is. (And you’ll never be the same.) Also, you better start packing now, because each and every one of these are amazing.

1.) Mendenhall Glacier Caves (Alaska)

2.) Antelope Canyon (Arizona)

3.) Oneonta Gorge (Oregon)

4.) Skagit Valley Tulip Fields (Washington)

5.) Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness (Colorado)

6.) Dry Tortugas National Park (Florida)

7.) Zion National Park (Utah)

8.) Watkins Glen State Park (New York)

9.) Yosemite Valley (California)

10.) Grand Prismatic Spring (Wyoming)

11.) Haiku Stairs of Oahu (Hawaii)

12.) Carlsbad Caverns (New Mexico)

13.) Whitaker Point (Arkansas)

14.) Hamilton Pool (Texas)

15.) Horseshoe Bend (Arizona)

16.) Northern Lights (Alaska)

17.) Bryce Canyon (Utah)

18.) Lake Tahoe (California & Nevada)

19.) Smoky Mountains (North Carolina & Tennessee)

20.) Niagara Falls (New York)

21.) The Wave (Arizona)

22.) Sequoia National Park (California)

23.) Thor’s Well (Oregon)

24.) Badlands National Park (South Dakota)

25.) Savannah (Georgia)

26.) Palouse Falls (Washington)

27.) Glacier National Park (Montana)

28.) Nā Pali Coast State Park (Hawaii)

It just goes to show you that you don’t need to travel far from home to see some pretty astounding things. You just need to know where to look. (H/T BuzzFeed) So put some extra clothes in a duffle bag, rent a car and get ready to have the best road trip ever. The United States has some great things to offer. Share them with others by clicking below.

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The enzyme Dicer processes RNA transcripts, cutting them into short segments that regulate the synthesis of specific proteins. An Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich team has shown that Dicer promotes the development of atherosclerosis, thus identifying a new drug target.
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