These Incredibly Smart People Somehow Predicted Every Aspect Of Our Life.

People always say, “You can’t predict the future.” While that may be true in some instances, but either by pure chance or some kind of cosmic intelligence, there have been people who have made bold predictions and they came true. You won’t believe how accurate some of these real-life prophets were. 


1.) In 1914 science fiction writer H.G Wells predicted the atomic bomb, which wasn’t invented until 1942. In his novel “The World Set Free” he even uses the term “atomic bomb”.

2.) All the way back in 1919 Nikola Tesla predicted text messaging. He described an “apparatus” that could be used to “transmit wireless messages all over the world”. I’m going to refer to my phone as an “apparatus” from now on if that’s ok with everyone.

3.) In 1865, author of “From The Earth To The Moon”, Jules Verne predicted the Apollo moon landing. In Verne’s story he predicts not only that the launch to the moon would take place in Florida, that there will be three astronauts on board and that gravity will feel weightless up there (the science had yet to be concluded on what gravity in space was like), but he also predicted THE EXACT COORDINATES that the spacecraft would land on the moon, at 27°7′ northern latitude and 5°7′ western longitude. What the whaaaat??

4.) In 1968 Arthur C. Clarke predicted the Ipad. Ever notice that scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey (which was based off of Clarke’s novel) where the astronauts eat their breakfast while reading from something suspiciously similar to the Ipad? Yeah, that thing actually didn’t come out until 2010. Actually, the original Ipad kinda even looked like a monolith.

5.) In 1898 Morgan Robertson predicted the sinking of the Titanic in her short story, “Futility, Or The Wreck of the Titan”, 14 years before it happened. In the story the largest ship ever made crashes into an iceberg. Huh.

6.) This guy, Raymond Kurzweil who is currently serving as Director of Engineering for Google, has predicted an impressive amount of feats in human history. For example, he predicted the fall of the Soviets by 1991 (yup!) and that a computer will beat the best human chess player by 2000 (and yup!). So far his record for prophecies has him at 86% percent accuracy. Roughly 89 of his 108 predictions have come true. Slow down, Nostradamus!

7.) Although he’s not a science fiction writer or inventor, let’s give Colin Kaepernick credit for predicting that at nine years old he would play professional football. Dude, he even got the team right!

Hopefully this will inspire you to make some predictions on your own. Personally I think dinosaurs are coming back, baby! Give this a share on Facebook, you sweet fortune cookies, you!


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