These 18 Cats Were Busted In the Act. Now They’re Being Hilariously And Adorably Shamed.

A month or two ago, we posted a compilation of dogs being shamed after getting busted in the act. Some of them tore up furniture and others used the carpet the way they would use the grass. Either way, it was pretty darn adorable. So, now it’s the cats’ turn. Unlike the dogs, I’m not entirely sure these cats really care. Judge for yourself.

1. This cat doesn’t even care.

2. This one’s a philosopher.

3. This cat likes to get revenge.

4. This one’s reckless.

5. This cat doesn’t want mom to graduate.

6. This one’s a butthole.

7. This can is a crafty little thief.

8. This one’s just gross.

9. This cat has no idea why mom doesn’t like the taste.

10. This one’s a recycler.

11. This cat swears it was a total accident.

12. This one’s a glutton.

13. This cat has some jerky owners. We’re on his side.

14. This one’s a buttface.

15. This cat doesn’t believe in pre-maritalyl living together.

16. This one’s just mean.

17. This cat doesn’t want his litter box cleaned.

18. And this one’s a pacifist.

Somehow I don’t think this shaming technique has the same effect on cats. In fat, I am waiting for a human-shaming compilation, orchestrated by cats everywhere. Read more:

Photographer Documents Stark Reality Of People Living In The Woods.

We all feel lonely sometimes, but no matter how bleak things in our lives might seem, we usually aren’t as bad off as we think. Most of us have a foundation of friends or family to help us in times of need, but that’s not the case for the subjects of these photographs.

Russian photographer Daninla Tkachenko sheds light on an isolated population who decided to shed civilization and society completely by living in the woods. With makeshift houses and tattered clothing, the vivid portraits paint a totally different perspective on life. Take a look.

(H/T: My Modern Met.)
You can find more of the Tkachenko’s powerful photography on her website and even purchase them in her book, Escape.

Be sure to share the stirring photos with your friends using the buttons below.

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You Need This Ridiculously Precious Cat In Your Life. Trust Me.

Spanish photographer and filmmaker Jesús Segura didn’t set out to become a cat photographer. Fate chose him when he found this adorable fluffy friend.

Segura spent a year out of work and was in desperate need of some cheering up when he discovered Napoleon at his front door. The cat was only two months old, but Segura noticed something special about how his new feline friend observed the world. Feeling inspired, he grabbed his camera and set out to showcase this munchkin’s versatility.  

This cutie was clearly born to be in front of a camera.

Segura set up a mini-studio and started snapping.

Napoleon can take on any emotion.

Segura then edits him in quirky settings, like this bar.

And this homage to Psycho.

Even aliens know Napoleon is the cutest kitty around.

Segura hopes to raise enough funds through his Indiegogo project to share the adorableness with this Napoleon calendar.

Segura works around Napoleon’s eating, sleeping, and play schedule and tries to make every photo shoot fun for him. You can hear him discuss the project in detail here:


(via Elite Daily.)

So far, Segura is over halfway to his financial goal with 9 days to meet the $3,000 mark. Visit his Indiegogo page to see how you can help spread the word about this amazing little guy.

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Leonard Nimoy Did A Stunning Photo Series Celebrating Gloriously Full-Figured Women

                                            <b><i>The Full Body Project</i> included women of all shapes and sizes who clearly love their curves.</b> NSFW due to nudity.                                                           

1. In 2007, Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy, who also happened to be a prolific photographer, published his collection The Full Body Project.

Nimoy challenged modern standards of beauty with the engaging photographs, presenting the subjects as staring the viewer in the face, unashamed of their figures.

Leonard Nimoy / R. Michaelson Galleries

3. Nimoy, who died Friday at the age of 83, had previously photographed slimmer nude figures, but this series starred the fuller-figured members of a burlesque group called The Fat-Bottom Revue.

He was inspired after a full-figured woman asked him to take her and her friends’ pictures, CBS reported.

Leonard Nimoy / R. Michaelson Galleries

5. “The average American woman weighs 25% more than the models selling the clothes,” Nimoy wrote. “There is a huge industry built up around selling women ways to get their bodies closer to the fantasy ideal.”

“Pills, diets, surgery, workout programs,” he added. “The message is, ‘You don’t look right. If you buy our product, you can get there.'”

Leonard Nimoy / R. Michaelson Galleries

7. Nimoy was bothered by the knowledge that many women felt at least some shame for their figures, author Natalie Angier, who wrote The Full Body Project‘s introduction, told Mashable.

“It really disturbed him that women who considered themselves overweight had this terrible feeling about themselves,” she said. “He wanted to show the world that there’s beauty to be found in different body types.”

Leonard Nimoy / R. Michaelson Galleries

9. Angier said she was inspired by the powerfulness embodied by the women in the photographs, in which they presented themselves free of embarrassment or insecurity.

Leonard Nimoy / R. Michaelson Galleries

11. “I admire the way he presented the women as standing there looking the viewer full in the face,” she said. “Saying look at me — I’m entitled to stand here and present myself to the world. I don’t have to be ashamed and cower in the corner.”

Leonard Nimoy / R. Michaelson Galleries

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This Is What Post-Pregnancy Bodies Actually Look Like

                                            <b>BuzzFeed News interviewed the woman behind a beautiful body project.</b>                                                         

1. Five weeks after giving birth, Jade Beall took a candid photo of herself with her son and shared it with friends and family online.

Jade Beall Photography

2. What she didn’t expect was for the photo to go viral, be shared tens of thousands of times, and completely change her life.

“The photo was of me with my son, breastfeeding, just holding him completely bare, both of us,” she told BuzzFeed News. “I had rolls in places I never had in my life, I had dark circles under my eyes, I was raw, and I didn’t photoshop any part of the photo to make me look different than I actually did right then.”

3. The positive reaction to the photo led Beall to start A Beautiful Project.

Jade Beall Photography

Jade Beall Photography


Jade Beall Photography

5. “Many women resonated with the photos and wanted to be photographed,” she said. That’s when she realised she could help mothers celebrate, and love, their post-pregnancy bodies.

Jade Beall Photography

Jade Beall Photography

Jade Beall Photography


7. For the project, the 35-year-old Arizona-based photographer took hundreds of women and featured un-photoshopped snaps of them alongside personal stories of how they built their self-esteem.


Jade Beall Photography

9. Mothers who described themselves as “wrinkly” and “fat” were now being encouraged to embrace their beauty “just as they are”.

Jade Beall Photography


10. “The reaction has been rad,” Beall said. “I have made friends and photographed women all over the world.”

Jade Beall Photography

Jade Beall Photography


12. She added: “I have helped hundreds if not thousands of women feel seen while inspiring the beginning of a practice of self-love and sisterhood.”

Jade Beall Photography

13. You can find out more about the project on Facebook and the Beautiful Project website.

Jade Beall Photography

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These Family Photo Recreations Are The Best Things You’ll See All Day. What is Going On In #20??

No one knows exactly where it started, but the internet is now teeming with pictures of people recreating their childhood photos as adults. There’s even an entire subreddit for it. While these recreations are usually funny and make great gifts for parents (hint hint), they can also sometimes be a bit creepy. Here are 30 childhood photo recreations showing the best of both worlds.

1.) Dad still looks good in this picture.

2.) Welp, that is certainly some family togetherness.

3.) First best friend.

4.) One for the Xmas cards.

5.) Brothers and sister. Those are some hairy legs.

6.) Spaghetti is still her favorite food.

7.) I wonder if those are the same shoes in both pictures.

8.) Ok, this one is a bit too creepy.

9.) Best wallpaper ever.

10.) Still together 50 years later (with the same car).

11.) Meeting Hulk Hogan again.

12.) They recreated their facial expressions perfectly.

13.) “Am I holding the baby the right way?”

14.) Kinda hard to recreate the Berlin Wall in your photos these days.

15.) Still on that kid diet of burgers and pizza.

16.) So close.

17.) Father and son 60 years apart.

18.) Looking fabulous at any age.

19.) “I got sand in my mouth again!”

20.) Still a badass.

21.) Umm what?

22.) BFFs over here.

23.) Getting comfy in the kitchen.

24.) Family truck photo.

25.) They even got the hand placement just right.

26.) It’s a little less charming as an adult.

27.) How did they fit into those buckets again?

28.) Dad is the calm center of the universe.

29.) “Check out these biceps bro.”

30.) Probably my favorite.

H/T: BoredPanda I think it’s time to get my siblings together for some recreations of our own. Share these photos by clicking below.

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This Is What An Upside-Down Iceberg Looks Like

                                            <b>Belly up!</b> Here&rsquo;s what the icy behemoths look like when they&rsquo;ve had a few too many.                                                           

1. On a recent excursion to Antarctica, San Francisco-based filmmaker and designer Alex Cornell, 30, caught a rare glimpse of an iceberg’s underside.

Alex Cornell / Via

Most icebergs’ hefty bodies are submerged under water, but occasionally they roll over, according to ScienceNews. Compared to the comprehensively white Antarctic, from a distance on their fast bouncy boat, the iceberg just looked like a piece of rock, Cornell wrote in an email to BuzzFeed.

As we got closer, it became clear that it was a pure jade iceberg. We had a naturalist onboard the zodiac boat with us, and he explained what we were seeing and why it was so exciting. To us, everything we came across was exciting (penguins! icebergs!), but this certainly stood out as a rare sight — something I had never seen before in real life, or even subsequently in photos.

3. Where do icebergs come from, anyway?

Alex Cornell / Via

The ice giants break off from glaciers or massive ice sheets and meander along with ocean currents, according to the National Snow & Ice Data Center. So the flip occurs after the iceberg detaches from its parent, or when its ice melts unevenly and it keels over, oceanographer Louise Biddle told ScienceNews.

In a video he made about the shoot, Cornell said capturing images amid blindingly reflective surfaces is the biggest obstacle, especially because the mandatory sunglasses make it hard to review your work as you do on dry land. Of all of his projects, he never imagined a natural photo he took of ice in water would be so widely covered, he wrote on his company’s site.

4. Here’s another view of the spectacularly aquamarine ice, which steadily becomes coated with the flotsam of environmental elements.

Alex Cornell / Via

“We were very lucky to come upon it during the short window of time before it blended back into white, after enough air, sun, and snow exposure,” said Cornell.

5. You can see even more footage of Cornell’s Antarctic shoot in his illustrative video.

Alex Cornell / Via

Or catch more of his work (like this furry little guy) on his site or Instagram.

6. H/T ScienceNews

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Photography For Wedding Events In Denver

Now that it is congrats on your wedding engagement, it is now time to schedule photography for the special day in Denver. It will not be as simple as you think to hire a photographer. It will take time and effort just like when you had to search for the perfect wedding dress. You will need to find the best person or company that will give you the best quality pictures that will fit within your budget. If you hire the wrong photographer, it could actually ruin your special day and that is definitely something that you do not want to happen. Here are some tips to find a photographer that will meet your expectations.

First of all, it may not be wise to hire a family friend or relative to take pictures on your wedding day. What, if by chance, they dont turn out or you are really disappointed in the photos? That is not the type of situation that a couple should be in. It is best to rely on the professionals to take those beautiful pictures that you have been waiting for during that special event. They will have all the necessary equipment to take those shots that are either posed or candid. They are experienced, talented and artistic photographers who love what they do, which is to make your wedding a lifetime memory with the photos that you expect and want.

That is a lot of pressure on family friends or relatives, who are often adamant about taking the pictures for you. You could politely let them know that you are going to hire an outside photographer so that they are able to enjoy your special day and join in on the fun festivities that day.

When it comes time to find a professional, you can look on different websites to help locate a person or business. There will be several businesses located in the Denver area for your perusal. Take the time to look at different packages that are available and what they entail. Also, take a look at photos that the photographer has done. This will be a good indication if these are the types of photos that you want taken at your wedding. Make sure they can take traditional photos and candid photos that are artistic and creative. You may want to choose a couple of places and then give them a call to discuss prices, the types of photos that they would take and what you want and expect. Do you feel comfortable with this person? Make sure there is good chemistry between all of you so you have the best pictures on that day. You want someone who truly loves their profession and will be creative and give you pictures that you deserve.

These are just a few tips to get you in the right direction. Once you have found the right photography for your wedding in Denver, you will cherish the pictures forever.

For more information on Denver photography wedding, please visit our website.

We See This Every Day Without Realizing It. This Photographer Just Captured It Beautifully.

No matter how familiar you are with the biggest cities in the United States, I guarantee you haven’t seen any of them quite like this before. Photographer Stephen Wilkes has been widely recognized for his fine art and commercial photography, and he found a new way to present these major cities. His photo series, titled Day To Night, shows the cityscapes in an entirely new light. Each of the transition images is actually collection of moments, unlike most normal photos which capture one moment in time. It takes about 50 photographs out of around 1,500 shots taken over the course of 12-15 hours to make just one of these photographs. During these shoots, Stephen doesn’t take bathroom breaks and barely eats. He very cautiously oversees the shoot so that the transition from day to night is perfect.

Presidential Inauguration, Washington, D.C.

Wrigley Field, Chicago

Santa Monica Pier, California

Western Wall, Jerusalem

Gramercy Park, New York City

America’s Cup, San Francisco

Union Square, New York City

Shanghai, China

The Flatiron, New York City

Coney Island, Brooklyn

Millennium Park, Chicago

Park Avenue, New York City

Central Park, New York City

Bethesda Fountain, Central Park, New York City

View from The Savoy, London

Pont de la Tournelle, Paris

Source: Stephen Wilkes via Beautiful Decay The extensive work he puts into each photo is worth it; the resulting photograph is amazing. You can really see the soul of each city in these day-to-night photographs. Share them with others by clicking on the button below.

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