Photographer Documents Stark Reality Of People Living In The Woods.

We all feel lonely sometimes, but no matter how bleak things in our lives might seem, we usually aren’t as bad off as we think. Most of us have a foundation of friends or family to help us in times of need, but that’s not the case for the subjects of these photographs.

Russian photographer Daninla Tkachenko sheds light on an isolated population who decided to shed civilization and society completely by living in the woods. With makeshift houses and tattered clothing, the vivid portraits paint a totally different perspective on life. Take a look.

(H/T: My Modern Met.)
You can find more of the Tkachenko’s powerful photography on her website and even purchase them in her book, Escape.

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This Poor Cat…Only In Eastern Europe. This Is Definitely Animal Cruelty!

Not to stereotype, but let’s be honest, there are a lot of crazy videos that come out of Eastern Europe. Granted, I’m sure an equal number of crazy videos are created in America and Western Europe. However, they don’t often get as much media traction as the ones from Russia and other former Soviet countries. Which is why when I came across the video below of a guy smoking cigarettes with his cat, I was hardly surprised…

How does he even get the cat to sit still for this?!


This is definitely a horrible case of animal cruelty. Animals can get lung cancer, too. And it’s not just from actually smoking themselves.

In fact, according to a study, cats who live in homes where someone smokes a pack of cigarettes or more every day are three times more likely to get cancer than cats in nonsmoking homes. Don’t ever subject your pets to this kind of cruelty.

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Paris terror attacks: France now faces fight against fear and exclusion

Aurelien Mondon, University of Bath
The attacks that took place at a series of venues in Paris on November 13 are already the deadliest on French soil since 1945. At least 127 people have been killed in six different places. Reports say that another 100 are in “absolute” critical condition. Pol… #ChristineLagarde, #France, #FrancoisHollande, #NicolasSarkozy, #PresidentOfFrance, #Russia, #VladimirPutin

Russia vetos resolution to establish an international tribunal

At a Security Council session today, Russia vetoed a resolution to establish an international tribunal to prosecute the downing of the Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 298 passengers, over eastern Ukraine one year ago.
The session of the Council started with the minute of silence to honour the… #Malaysianair, #MH17, #Putin, #Russia, #Ukraine

U.S. Intelligence: No Direct Link To Russia In Downing Of MH17, Likely Shot Down By “Mistake”

But U.S. officials say Russia “created the conditions” for the downing of Flight 17.

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Armed pro-Russian separatists stand guard at the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17. Maxim Zmeyev / Reuters
Senior U.S. intelligence officials say they have no evidence to directly li… #Intelligence, #MalaysiaAirlines, #Obama, #Officials, #Putin, #Russia, #Separatists, #Ukraine

OPEC Revenue Cut in Half


Oil Stimulus Money
According to AAA, retail gasoline prices this week averaged $2.477.
That’s the first time gasoline has been under $2.50 since 2009. By January, it could be as low as $2.25 for a gallon of regular.
This comes at a time of the year when middle-class Americans and… #Energy, #Oil, #PeakOil, #Russia