So. What was up with Obama’s glowing ears during Syria speech? [photo]!/exjon/status/514417834794160129
So, the president gave a “speech” on the Syria airstrikes Tuesday morning. Then this happened.

Backlit ears aren't a good look.

— jon gabriel (@exjon) September 23, 2014

Lol the sun shines through his ears. #Obama

— N.O. Brains (@nobrains00) September 23, 2014

I just love the way his cute little ears glow bright pink in the sunshine! #ObamaSpeech #Obama #ISIS

— ClearStonePrez (@ClearStonePrez) September 23, 2014

watch'n Obama's speech, gotta give him this, his ears are transparent the sunlight shines thru! :)) @FoxNews @BretBaier

— Jimmy McIver (@JimmyMcIver) September 23, 2014

@exjon LOL!

— Karen Townsend (@penguinponders) September 23, 2014

@CNBC Do I see President Obama Ears lighting with the white bright light from CREE?

— West Nile 007 (@WestNile007) September 23, 2014

@GMA wow I'm trying to focus on what president #Obama is saying but his ears are like solar panels

— knowbetterdobetter (@knowbetterdobet) September 23, 2014

Let me beat #Drudge with this #Obama devil ears photo as a follow up to last week's "devil horns" pic

— RON COULTER (@RONCOULTER) September 23, 2014

Aching sides!

Perhaps there was a good reason and it was meant to symbolize something, though:

@exjon transparency.

— TJWFW (@icouldbeahacker) September 23, 2014



This is smart power? You won’t believe how Team Obama described last night’s bombing of Syria

Here’s how Democrats’ war hypocrisy can be summed up with one brilliant tweet

President Obama to give an update on Syria/ISIS at 10 a.m. Here’s what he should say. . .

Updates on last night’s bombing campaign against ISIS and Khorasan targets in Syria [photos, maps]

AP reporter deletes tweets after cheerleading for Obama, getting facts wrong

US, partner nations launch first air strikes on targets in Syria

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New details released on Iran-prisoner swap, and it just got worse

Reuters is reporting thatNader Modanlo, an Iranian-American businessmanwho was convicted of taking a $10 million payment from Iran in exchange for his help in brokering a deal between Iran and Russia to launch a satellite, apparently gets to keep the cash as part of the prisoner swap deal:

According to Reuters,Modanlo refused the Obama administration’s first offer of clemency and had to “sweeten” the offer by offering to drop its claim on the cash:

Nader Modanlo was facing five more years in federal prison when he got an extraordinary offer: U.S. President Barack Obama was ready to commute his sentence as part of this month’s historic and then still-secret prisoner swap with Iran. He said no.

To sweeten the deal, the U.S. administration then dropped a claim against the Iran-born aerospace engineer for $10 million that a Maryland jury found he had taken as an illegal payment from Iran, according to interviews with Modanlo, lawyers involved and U.S. officials with knowledge of the matter.

The surrender of the U.S. claim, which has not previously been reported, could add to scrutiny of how the Obama administration clinched a prisoner deal that has drawn criticism from Republican presidential candidates and lawmakers.

“Art of the Deal” this was not:

And maybe we need to start paying attention to Iranian media sources to get the truth about what our government is doing?

Upon his release, Modanlo referred to himself as a political prisoner:

Yeah … a political prisoner with $10 million in his pocket, thanks to this bad deal.

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Obama addresses reporters from the Oval Office on Calif.

Earlier this morning, “Oval Office” was trending nationally as reporters anticipated some big announcement from President Obama on yesterday’s shootings in San Bernardino, Calif. For example, TIME magazine’s Zeke Miller commented on how infrequently this happens:

But what they got was a whole lot of nothing with the president offering no new information on the attack nor any potential policy ideas he’ll put forward:

That’s it? The entire Democratic party is looking to President Obama for leadership and thisis all he says?

And we should note that President Obama did offer his “deepest condolences” to all those affected:

Let’s see if the libs who trashed Republicans yesterday for offering only prayers and condolences will have anything to say when it’s their guy that does it.

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‘Consequences’? Fred Thompson zings Obama’s Ukraine line!/caligram1/status/438372474447609856
Red lines … blow awaaaaay.!/fredthompson/status/438365641259905024
Hey, Obama probably didn’t draw that line. Somebody else made that happen. (Pesky world!)

A few more recent tweets from actor and former Senator Fred Thompson’s always delightful Twitter feed:!/fredthompson/status/438063510204190723!/fredthompson/status/438078504459329539

‘WOW!’ Garry Kasparov shreds Obama and his ‘red lines’ as bloodbath continues in Ukraine [pics]

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‘Damn true and funny!’ Drones and O-care groans: Fred Thompson scores direct hit

Ha! Fred Thompson smacks NBC, Obamacare and Congress at one fell tweet-swoop

Smack! Remember Benghazi? Fred Thompson has key question for John Kerry

Boom: Fred Thompson has idea for new ‘Forward’ slogan for Team Obama

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Snort! Valerie Jarrett photo-touts Obama interview with ‘Family Feud’ host!/tlingerfelt22/status/412586988902957056
Heh. Not quite, but close! Lying liar who lies, Valerie Jarrett, took to Twitter to promote the president’s upcoming interview with Steve Harvey, host of the Tea Party-bashing “Family Feud.” Hard-hitting!

She included a little self-promotion, natch, with a photo of herself with Harvey.!/vj44/status/412582105474797568
Sigh. But did her little word play expose an inadvertent truth? Family.!/Heminator/status/411596049317249024
Yep. Truth smuth! Obama has super awesome “family” to run cover for him.

Twitter users call it out for what it is:!/flyoverangel/status/412582951616921601!/flyoverangel/status/412583558163623936!/flyoverangel/status/412583736052432896
And survey says …!/redsteeze/status/412584328313712641

Family Feud’s excuse for tweet trashing Tea Party? Show us, ‘Hacked!’

Family Feud reaction: Pat Sajak shares last time ‘Wheel’ got political

‘Survey says? Douche!’ Family Feud lashes out at Ted Cruz, Tea Party ‘extremists’

Full Twitchy coverage of Valerie Jarrett

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That awkward moment when Obama went to UN and these hilarious pics happened!/starless941/status/514790584699985922
A sippy cup for President Stompy Foot? That sounds about right.

So, President Obama took a break from golfing and cup saluting to hit the United Nations. And these photos happened:

"Thank you.. and now I'll sit in a huge chair that makes me look like a little boy.." – Obama

— el Sooper ن (@SooperMexican) September 24, 2014

the seat of power

— Andrew Stiles (@AndrewStilesUSA) September 24, 2014

Tiny Obama back in the huge chair at UN

— MashableLIVE (@MashableLive) September 24, 2014


Sums up Obama, little man w/small mind & big ego sitting in a to big chair. #tcot #ofa #pjnet #teaparty #ccot

— SNITFIT (@Snitfit) September 24, 2014

@Snitfit @Shirleystopirs Clint Eastwood was correct, that chair is largely empty. Add him to the list of Republicans who called it precisely

— Maggie Magoo (@MMMDigits) September 25, 2014


@ItsJustJill Wouldn't it be great trolling by the UN if he's the only who has a chair like that? @SooperMexican

— Chelie in TX (@ChelieinTX) September 24, 2014


Looks familiar, doesn’t it?

@CuffyMeh @AndrewStilesUSA

— Jim Jamitis (@anthropocon) September 24, 2014


Shocker! Obama asks UN speakers not named ‘Obama’ to avoid exceeding allotted time

‘Are you kidding me?’ Obama invokes Ferguson, Mo. in speech to UN about ‘violent extremism’

Outraged by Obama’s cup salute? Here’s what sneering Smarter Than You media think of you (and service members)

Did Obama perform the #LatteSalute with a Styrofoam cup before he went to the UN to talk about the environment?

But Bush! Pathetic libs compare Obama’s disgraceful cup salute to Marines with THIS [photos]

‘I had to salute with a prosthetic arm’: President Obama’s #LatteSalute outrages; Updated

Watch President Obama land in NYC and salute US Marines with a cup 

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Jonah Goldberg issues reality check after Obama comment about Iraqi soldiers!/JesseLemon/status/477482803613810689
President Obama’s address today about the deteriorating conditions in Iraq not only had its share of bad optics, but it also lacked a certain measure of self-awareness.

National Review’s Jonah Goldberg spelled it out:!/JonahNRO/status/477496420442710017
Does Obama have a bigger problem with Iraqi soldiers abandoning their posts?!/Big_Liebowski/status/477483160251297792
And he’d do it again!

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Shaun King doesn’t like Merrick Garland for SCOTUS

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House OKs lawsuit; Obama to ‘thumb his nose’ with another executive action

The House of Representatives has voted to authorize a lawsuit against President Obama.

CBS News’ Mark Knoller reports that Obama will move forward undeterred in an “in your face” fashion:

Did anybody expect anything less?

In June, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Obama’s 2012 recess appoints to the NLRB were unconstitutional.!/CrotalusAtrox/status/494621169006305281


Obama complains Boehner will ‘sue me for doing my job’; Urged to check news reports

‘Just sick’: Obama says it’s Congress’ fault he has to resort to executive action

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Laura Ingraham wants one question answered regarding Obama’s birthday ‘ritual’

Can you guess how President Obama celebrated his birthday weekend? You got it.

So the question Laura Ingraham wants answered is:

Put simply:  It’s not.

Editor’s note: The first sentence of this post has been amended to correct a grammatical error.

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