So. What was up with Obama’s glowing ears during Syria speech? [photo]!/exjon/status/514417834794160129
So, the president gave a “speech” on the Syria airstrikes Tuesday morning. Then this happened.

Backlit ears aren't a good look.

— jon gabriel (@exjon) September 23, 2014

Lol the sun shines through his ears. #Obama

— N.O. Brains (@nobrains00) September 23, 2014

I just love the way his cute little ears glow bright pink in the sunshine! #ObamaSpeech #Obama #ISIS

— ClearStonePrez (@ClearStonePrez) September 23, 2014

watch'n Obama's speech, gotta give him this, his ears are transparent the sunlight shines thru! :)) @FoxNews @BretBaier

— Jimmy McIver (@JimmyMcIver) September 23, 2014

@exjon LOL!

— Karen Townsend (@penguinponders) September 23, 2014

@CNBC Do I see President Obama Ears lighting with the white bright light from CREE?

— West Nile 007 (@WestNile007) September 23, 2014

@GMA wow I'm trying to focus on what president #Obama is saying but his ears are like solar panels

— knowbetterdobetter (@knowbetterdobet) September 23, 2014

Let me beat #Drudge with this #Obama devil ears photo as a follow up to last week's "devil horns" pic

— RON COULTER (@RONCOULTER) September 23, 2014

Aching sides!

Perhaps there was a good reason and it was meant to symbolize something, though:

@exjon transparency.

— TJWFW (@icouldbeahacker) September 23, 2014



This is smart power? You won’t believe how Team Obama described last night’s bombing of Syria

Here’s how Democrats’ war hypocrisy can be summed up with one brilliant tweet

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Updates on last night’s bombing campaign against ISIS and Khorasan targets in Syria [photos, maps]

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‘Vomitous!’: Alison Grimes’ latest pro-gun photo still misfires!/DelGirlsHoops/status/486226401906159617
In a previous attempt to appear friendly to the Second Amendment, Kentucky Secretary of State and candidate for Senate Alison Grimes posted a photo of herself target shooting — although without any eye or ear protection.

Apparently unwilling to repeat that gaffe, Grimes has found another photo in which she’s properly equipped to shoot a firearm, juxtaposed with a pic of Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell preparing to present an antique rifle to the retiring Sen. Tom Coburn at CPAC.!/AlisonForKY/status/486223339565088768
The eye and ear protection might be in place, but that doesn’t mean the new ad won’t backfire.!/TinaMcGugan/status/486226058975248384!/Pile_of_Derp/status/486246304960376832


‘You’ll shoot your eye out!’ Pandering Ky. Sen. hopeful poses with gun, forgets gun safety 

‘I’m not impressed’: Mitch McConnell’s gun safety-challenged opponent criticizes his gun handling


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An Astronaut Gave An Out-Of-This-World Tribute To Leonard Nimoy

                                            <b>Live long and prosper.</b>                                                           

Star Trek fans are still in mourning for Leonard Nimoy, the actor famous for his role as Spock, who died on Friday at the age of 83.

ROBYN BECK/AFP / Getty Images

The beloved sci-fi character was known by the Vulcan “live long and prosper” hand gesture.

Paramount/Courtesy Everett Collection

Fans, both famous and otherwise, have been using the gesture to pay tribute to Nimoy.

In a fitting extraterrestrial tribute to the late star, NASA Astronaut Terry Virts has tweeted a picture of the Vulcan gesture from the International Space Station, looking down at Nimoy’s birthplace of Boston.

It’s enough to make even Spock a little bit emotional.

Paramount / Via

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