Snort! Valerie Jarrett photo-touts Obama interview with ‘Family Feud’ host!/tlingerfelt22/status/412586988902957056
Heh. Not quite, but close! Lying liar who lies, Valerie Jarrett, took to Twitter to promote the president’s upcoming interview with Steve Harvey, host of the Tea Party-bashing “Family Feud.” Hard-hitting!

She included a little self-promotion, natch, with a photo of herself with Harvey.!/vj44/status/412582105474797568
Sigh. But did her little word play expose an inadvertent truth? Family.!/Heminator/status/411596049317249024
Yep. Truth smuth! Obama has super awesome “family” to run cover for him.

Twitter users call it out for what it is:!/flyoverangel/status/412582951616921601!/flyoverangel/status/412583558163623936!/flyoverangel/status/412583736052432896
And survey says …!/redsteeze/status/412584328313712641

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