OUCH! Iowahawk skewers prediction from ‘investment expert supergenius Paul Krugman’

The stock market seems to have recovered nicely after being dented in part by Brian Ross’s bit of #FakeNews the other day:

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New details released on Iran-prisoner swap, and it just got worse

Reuters is reporting thatNader Modanlo, an Iranian-American businessmanwho was convicted of taking a $10 million payment from Iran in exchange for his help in brokering a deal between Iran and Russia to launch a satellite, apparently gets to keep the cash as part of the prisoner swap deal:

According to Reuters,Modanlo refused the Obama administration’s first offer of clemency and had to “sweeten” the offer by offering to drop its claim on the cash:

Nader Modanlo was facing five more years in federal prison when he got an extraordinary offer: U.S. President Barack Obama was ready to commute his sentence as part of this month’s historic and then still-secret prisoner swap with Iran. He said no.

To sweeten the deal, the U.S. administration then dropped a claim against the Iran-born aerospace engineer for $10 million that a Maryland jury found he had taken as an illegal payment from Iran, according to interviews with Modanlo, lawyers involved and U.S. officials with knowledge of the matter.

The surrender of the U.S. claim, which has not previously been reported, could add to scrutiny of how the Obama administration clinched a prisoner deal that has drawn criticism from Republican presidential candidates and lawmakers.

“Art of the Deal” this was not:

And maybe we need to start paying attention to Iranian media sources to get the truth about what our government is doing?

Upon his release, Modanlo referred to himself as a political prisoner:

Yeah … a political prisoner with $10 million in his pocket, thanks to this bad deal.

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GOP debate turns to Donald Trump’s assets within 10 minutes

The Republican race has become uglier than usual in the past week, with Marco Rubio taking a cue from Donald Trump and hitting back with personal insults ranging from Trump’sspray tan tothe size of his hands. Trump, confident as ever, was happy to hold up his hands and, if this weren’t live TV, might have lowered his trousers as well all within the first 10 minutes of the debate.

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‘Annoying hall monitor’ Brian Stelter says Trump inviting followers to ‘gang up’ on reporter

Here’s the story so far: On Saturday night, President Trump called out The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel for tweeting a photo of a half-empty arena in Pensacola, Fla., where Trump appeared Friday night. Weigel deleted the tweet after learning the photo was taken well before the well-attended event began and apologized to the president in a reply to his tweet. We’d thought the drama would have ended there, but in a follow-up tweet, the president called on Weigel to be fired. That obviously upset a lot of journalists, but it inspired CNN’s Brian Stelter to tweet this:

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Katie Pavlich passes along some helpful advice about press briefings to President Trump

This morning, President Trump went on a ‘rant’ about Comey and press briefings that had a good many people scratching their heads. Even several on the Rightseemed troubled by this latest tweetstorm from the president. Especially this little nugget:

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Kirstie Alley gets trashed after climbing aboard the #TrumpTrain

Hollywood actress and Twitchy regular Kirstie Alley announced a few moments ago that she’s officially endorsing Donald Trump for president:



And it sounds like she’s expecting some backlash from her Hollywood pals:


Alley also mixed it up with trolls who trashed her over her endorsement:










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Notice anything familiar about Donald Trump’s ‘struggle’? These people did!

As Twitchy readers know, people were laughing over something Donald Trump said. He said things haven’t always “been easy” and that he once had to get a small loan … of one million dollars … from his dad.

While many are giggling, there is this:

If only!

One Twitter user compared the comment to a “less likable Billy Madison.” But what about Hillary Clinton? Sounds kinda familiar, no?

Hmm. Hillary Clinton has said other similar, and just as absurd, things. And if we were betting folk, we’d wager there will be more to come.

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‘Who the hell wants to woo her!’ Donald Trump’s still got Megyn Kelly on his mind

As Twitchy reported earlier today, the FBI has widened their investigationof Hillary Clinton. If there’s any woman out there who’s an easytarget for GOP presidential candidates, it’s Hillary.

But Donald Trump’s got his sights set on another woman:

Got that?

Suppose it’s one way to stay busy.

His animosity toward Kelly didn’t seem to faze his fans much:

But it’s safe to say he didn’t score any points with people who alreadycan’t stand him.


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So much for ‘disqualifying’? Donald Trump heads back to @Morning_Joe

Up next on “Morning Joe,” GOP front-runner Donald Trump…

…but wait a sec. National Review’s Jim Geraghty points out:

Old news!



UPDATE. Donald Trump phoned in to discuss the “Nazi salute” at his recent rallies as well as his taxes. Check it out:

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Chris Christie endorses Donald Trump for president

Earlier this month in New Hampshire, Donald Trump earned a hug from Chris Christie (who also famously hugged Obama in 2012).

Today Trump received a full endorsement from the New Jersey governor and former GOP presidential candidate:

Christie dropped out of the presidential race after the New Hampshire primary.

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