Katie Pavlich passes along some helpful advice about press briefings to President Trump

This morning, President Trump went on a ‘rant’ about Comey and press briefings that had a good many people scratching their heads. Even several on the Rightseemed troubled by this latest tweetstorm from the president. Especially this little nugget:

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‘Heart is broken’: Dawn Wells bids farewell to ‘Gilligan’s Island’ costar Russell Johnson

Russell Johnson, probably best known for playing “The Professor” on the classic “Gilligan’s Island,” passed away this morning. He was 89.

His “Island” costar Dawn Wells expressed her grief over the loss of her friend:


We hope she can draw comfort from all the good memories.
RIP, Professor. We send our thoughts and prayers to Johnson’s loved ones.


‘Amazing, humble patriot’: Late ‘Gilligan’s Island’ star Russell Johnson was also a WWII hero

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Graffiti Makes Me Sick…

Graffiti Makes Me Sick...Read more: http://ifunny.com/pictures/graffiti-makes-me-sick/

Dem congressman: Repubs ‘real wolves of Wall Street’; Wake-up calls ensue

With the film “The Wolf of Wall Street” up for a Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards, California Democrat Rep. Mark Takano had obviously been dying to make this point:

The hypocrisy of some Dems on the issue of Wall Street is amazing, as was pointed out:

On that last point, the “Best Picture” nominee that most accurately represents Obamacare might be “American Hustle.”

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Dear Disney/Pixar: Don’t screw up ‘The Incredibles 2′

Disney/Pixar’s announcement of a long-awaited sequel to the animated mega-hit “The Incredibles” elicited squeals of joy from movie-goers on social media.


But with elation came trepidation, and a clear warning to Disney and Pixar from diehard fans: Don’t mess up. Period.

The good news: “The Incredibles” director Brad Bird is returning to write the sequel script.

We’ll wait with fingers crossed. ‘Til then, enjoy some favorite scenes from the original:

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Professional Social Media Management In Denver

It started based on the simple premise of “What Are You Doing?” and “What’s On Your Mind?” and exploded into a worldwide phenomenon that continues to spread on a daily basis.

Were talking about Social Media, and unless you’ve been hiding at your vacation home on Neptune, you’ve heard about or been on one of these networks. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linked In, Foursquare, Plaxo, MySpace, and hundreds of others have linked the world together and created communities for people to relax, interact, share, and gain insight.

Facebook alone is pushing 500 MILLION active users, currently. If Facebook were a country, its population would be the 3rd highest in the WORLD, outnumbering the United States.

Social Media Covers More Ground Than You Think

Many people label Social Media as the sites I listed above. However, social sites go further than just your Facebook and Twitter account. Social Networking sites also consists of:

– Blogs – Videos and Podcasting
– Customer Reviews
– Social Bookmarking Sites (Reddit, Digg, Delicious)
– Message Boards, Forums, Wikis

If a website provides the ability to socialize, it can be considered Social Media.

What is Social Media Management and Why Does Your Business Need It?

When the popularity of one medium grows and thrives, another one wanes and suffers. This is the case with many of the print mediums that used to effectively reach consumers. The big yellow books, mailers, newspaper fliers, even TV and radio commercials have lost the ability to speak to their audience because Social Media, search engines, and blogs enable the consumer to gather information on their own watch. This is a huge removal from the interruption-based ad campaigns of yesterday, where companies shouted their message at a mass audience, hoping to turn a small percentage of that audience into paying customers.

But the evolution of social networking sites has led to an evolution in the way businesses market to customers. Now, instead of investing large sums of money into advertisements the majority will never see, companies are redirecting those funds towards Social Media campaigns and building relationships with their customer base along the way.

At first, many people viewed sites like Twitter and Facebook as a waste of time (If you would’ve proposed a Facebook or Twitter-based marketing campaign three years ago, your colleagues would’ve had you committed). Now, it’s become mainstream. Companies realize this trend isn’t going to die off and they’re utilizing it to bridge the gap between themselves and their customers.

One obstacle that comes with efficient social networking use is the time required to learn a new skill set to get the most from your efforts. For many managers and owners, their plate is already full. So adding this task to the game plan simply doesn’t fit. Or, they may understand Social Media’s importance, but they may not know where to start.

This is where bringing in a Social Media Manager can be a tremendous asset. Instead of worrying about learning how to do everything right, you can allow your Manager to handle all the heavy lifting, thus freeing you up focus on your trade and provide exceptional customer service, as well as interact with your potential customer base and build that rapport that leads to future sales through the networks your Social Media Manager develops and nurtures.

Social Media allows you to take advantage of a hot trend that’s captivated the masses. With its overwhelming popularity, the potential to reach customers on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks far outweighs that of a costly Yellow Page or newspaper advertisement. Learn more about Social Media Management and how it can give your business a tremendous advantage over your competition!

If you are serious about growing your company’s social media footprint, please contact me today.

http://www.SocialMediaValet.com – Denver Social Media Management Specialist, specializing in professional management of business social networks. Based out of Denver, Colorado. 1-866-971-2107

That’s ‘Raycist’! Note to Ronan Farrow, MSNBC: ‘Ray LaHood is NOT dead’ [pics]

MSNBC is on a roll!

During today’s edition of “Ronan Farrow Daily,” our favorite Cronkite Award winner reported that Ray Hutchison, husband of former Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, passed away. Unfortunately, MSNBC’s graphics department apparently thinks that when you’ve seen one Ray, you’ve seen ‘em all:


Good question. LaHood, you see, is very much alive:

So, how does something like this happen? Here’s one possible scenario:

That actually sounds like something MSNBC’s clowns would do. Ineptitude is the name of the game over there.


Oh well. MSNBC can at least hope for a silver lining:

Farrow needs all the help he can get.


‘Oooof’: Ronan Farrow’s MSNBC show suffers truly ‘unfortunate case of bad chyroning’ [pic]

Twitchy coverage of Ronan Farrow

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/03/31/thats-raycist-note-to-ronan-farrow-and-msnbc-ray-lahood-is-not-dead-pics/

‘Oooof’: Ronan Farrow’s show suffers ‘unfortunate case of bad chyroning’ [pic]

Not exactly a red-letter day for Ronan Farrow and MSNBC:

Tweeters were understandably disturbed as that screen grab from today’s edition of “Ronan Farrow Daily” made the rounds:

It is real. Well, sort of. You see, “WTC jumpers” refers to the BASE jumpers arrested yesterday for a parachuting stunt at 1 WTC last fall:

Let’s just say MSNBC’s graphics department could’ve made that a little clearer:

That’s good advice. And Lord knows MSNBC needs all the good advice it can get.


Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/03/25/farrow/

‘Ugh’: Dems’ proposed Obama bumper sticker sparks facepalms, Photoshops

Ah, but alas. In order to be embarrassed, one must be capable of feeling shame. And the Democrats have no shame.

Check out this bumper sticker they’re proposing:

Is this real life?

Seriously. How lame is this?

Let’s consider what kind of boss Obama is, shall we?


Great moments in irony:
As long as a TV is around, I suppose…— Ed Morrissey (@EdMorrissey) May 23, 2014



Ouch! It’s true, though.

At this point, Dems, there’s no need to bother. Conservatives are way better at this.

Annnnnnd we’re off!






The Democrats have doubled down. Not like bosses, though. More like dipsticks:

Good Lord.

Excellent question.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets.

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Michele #Bachmann trolled over ‘Bachmann Abbey’ family photo #teaparty

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and her family decided to have fun with the family photo and pose “Downton Abbey” style. Of course, no Michele Bachmann tweet is complete without the haters. Leave the family out of it? No way… http://goo.gl/eNm3Mj #DowntonAbbey, #Family Photo, #FavoriteShow, #Media, #MicheleBachmann