Give us a break! Hillary Clinton’s swipe at Obama’s ISIS strategy is a major self-awareness fail

President Obama last night spelled out his plan to protect the U.S. from terrorist attacks by staying the course against ISIS and al-Qaeda while escalating the battle against the NRA. Sensing a political opportunity, Hillary Clinton took her former boss to task:

Oh no she didn’t!

The Clinton campaign strategy revolves around trying to convince voters that Hillary hasn’t been in any position of national power in the last several years:

Nice try, Hillary.

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Journalist concerned by reporter pens missed Hillary’s rodeo

As Twitchy reported earlier, journalists in particular are giving very serious thought to the violent smack-down of a TIME photographer by a Secret Service agent providing security at a Donald Trump rally Monday, with some predicting that “real violence” at a Trump event is inevitable before this campaign cycle is finished.

After seeing the video, Nicholas Dawes of the Hindustan Times has some advice and questions for his American journalist friends.

For a distinguished and well-traveled journalist, Dawes had never heard of the press pen, so we’re assuming he missed this proud moment among his American journalist friends, on Independence Day, no less.

Why would the American press agree to be led around by young girls penning them in with some clothesline?

So what was the question again?

Doesn’t any of this news travel overseas? In case no one abroad has heard, Clinton has graduated from the rope to an extra level of Secret Service protection, as Fox News’ Ed Henry found out last month.

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Notice anything familiar about Donald Trump’s ‘struggle’? These people did!

As Twitchy readers know, people were laughing over something Donald Trump said. He said things haven’t always “been easy” and that he once had to get a small loan … of one million dollars … from his dad.

While many are giggling, there is this:

If only!

One Twitter user compared the comment to a “less likable Billy Madison.” But what about Hillary Clinton? Sounds kinda familiar, no?

Hmm. Hillary Clinton has said other similar, and just as absurd, things. And if we were betting folk, we’d wager there will be more to come.

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Vox gives up Dem debate schedule secret (and Iowahawk narrows it down even more)

The Debbie Wasserman Schultz-led DNC has been criticized by some scheduling so few debates for the Democrat candidates. Even Vox pointed out that the few debates that have been set don’t seem to be during times that would maximize the viewing audience:

In other words:


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‘My irony meter just melted’: Dude, Tommy Vietor had a ‘lotta nerve’ to say this

Dude. Dude.

Former Obama NatSec spokesman Tommy Vietor really stepped in it yesterday:

Not one of your brightest moments, Tommy Boy.

No kidding. He was practically begging to be smacked around for that one.

And tweeters were only too happy to oblige:

It’s been fun, Tommy. We’re sure we’ll see you again real soon.

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‘Load of crap’: Hillary taps Morgan Freeman to make people think she cares [video]

Hillary? Desperate? Nevah!

No, if she’s anything, it’s too caring. As Morgan Freeman will tell you:

OK, pal. Whatever you say.

Isn’t it, though?

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Is she KIDDING? Donna Brazile NOT seen as right person to promote this event

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‘5-car pileup’: Iowahawk senses Hillary’s campaign desperation [Vine]

At the latest Democrat debate, Hillary Clinton caused some head scratching when she said “I don’t want to just stop bad things from happening, I want to start good things from happening.”

It sounds like she’s worked out the kinks and fixed the line, but it still doesn’t come across very well, as Iowahawk points out:

Combine everything and we get…

That speaks volumes. For starters:

Hillary’s promising to be an extension of the Obama administration, except with “good things” this time?

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Press banned from witnessing Her Majesty boarding plane

There’s a lot of buzz this afternoon among the press pool covering the Hillary Clinton campaign. Photographers used to grabbing a shot of the subjectboarding the plane were out of luck, as Clinton reportedly would not leave her car until the press pool was loaded onto their own separate charter.

That’s strange. Perhaps she didn’t want to be seen boarding a private jet while Bernie Sanders is happy to hitchhike from campaign stop to campaign stop. We’ll admit it: we’re not fans of Hillary Clinton as a person or a politician, but we’re hoping the theory that a medical condition might be responsible is unfounded.

With the press successfully contained in their separate plane, there’s not much more anyone can do than guess. Unless, that is, it becomes an issue, and Clinton is forced into doing her very best to tell the truth.

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Bernie Sanders thinks Bill Clinton’s behavior so ‘disgraceful’ he won’t bring it up at next debate with Hillary

Bernie Sanders had some harsh criticism for the husband of his opponent:

Has Sanders found a weakness he’s willing to exploit? Nah:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Friday called Bill Clintons sexual scandals totally disgraceful and unacceptable but said he would not use the former president’s infidelities against Hillary Clinton.

Sanders said he’s running against Hillary Clinton, not Bill Clinton, so he won’t make it an issue.

Maybe at the next debate, instead of dismissing her emails, Sanders will win applause from Hillary for saying he’s sick and tired of hearing about her husband’s damn infidelities before both return to trying to explain how the Republicans are bad for women.

At this point Sanders seems to be just angling for a cabinet post in President Hillary’s administration.

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