Woman Celebrates Her 80th By Going Skydiving…And Then The Worst Thing Happens

Skydiving is an activity for the brave. That’s why it’s on a lot of people’s bucket lists. It’s something that many want to do before they die, but are too afraid to attempt.

When Laverne turned 80, she decided to bite the bullet and cross it off her list. Unfortunately for the octogenarian, everyone’s worst nightmare came true when she slipped out of her safety harness and began falling to Earth.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQONhRMHBTU?autoplay=0]

What an extremely horrifying scene! I’m sure she won’t be trying to jump out of a plane ever again. But her daredevil streak isn’t over…

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Press banned from witnessing Her Majesty boarding plane

There’s a lot of buzz this afternoon among the press pool covering the Hillary Clinton campaign. Photographers used to grabbing a shot of the subjectboarding the plane were out of luck, as Clinton reportedly would not leave her car until the press pool was loaded onto their own separate charter.

That’s strange. Perhaps she didn’t want to be seen boarding a private jet while Bernie Sanders is happy to hitchhike from campaign stop to campaign stop. We’ll admit it: we’re not fans of Hillary Clinton as a person or a politician, but we’re hoping the theory that a medical condition might be responsible is unfounded.

With the press successfully contained in their separate plane, there’s not much more anyone can do than guess. Unless, that is, it becomes an issue, and Clinton is forced into doing her very best to tell the truth.

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Frontier Airlines Ebola plane remains out of service in Denver

Frontier Airlines Ebola plane remains out of service in Denver
The Frontier Airlines plane on which Ebola patient Amber Joy Vinson flew aboard Oct.13 remains out of service in Denver. The plane was flown without passengers to Denver International Airport on Wed., Oct. 15 and was taken to a hangar. The plane, an …
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