Woman Celebrates Her 80th By Going Skydiving…And Then The Worst Thing Happens

Skydiving is an activity for the brave. That’s why it’s on a lot of people’s bucket lists. It’s something that many want to do before they die, but are too afraid to attempt.

When Laverne turned 80, she decided to bite the bullet and cross it off her list. Unfortunately for the octogenarian, everyone’s worst nightmare came true when she slipped out of her safety harness and began falling to Earth.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQONhRMHBTU?autoplay=0]

What an extremely horrifying scene! I’m sure she won’t be trying to jump out of a plane ever again. But her daredevil streak isn’t over…

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About Car Accidents In Denver

Denver is the most crowded city of Colorado, with many international visitors thronging this part of the US. In Denver, negligence of the drivers is cited to be the most common reason for car crashes. Car mishap statistics relating to the city reflect that certain types of accidents are more familiar than the other types.

The recent records show that the primary 5 types of such accidents include drunken driving cases, driver distraction and negligence, highway and freeway accidents, high speed collisions, and rollovers.

* Driving under Influence (DUI) is deemed to be the most fatal type of all car accidents. Alcohol-related car collisions had killed over 16,000 people in 2004. As per the recent reports, one mortal case occurs in every 40 minutes because of a DUI-related car accident. Astonishingly, this is the easiest vehicle mishap to avoid. But, since most of the people involved in DUI are teenagers, they easily evade harsh punishments.

* Driver distraction and negligence is another primary cause of automobile crashes in Denver. Myriad of stimulations such as rowdy or disturbing passengers, mobile phones, and map-reading (while driving) disturbs the steadiness of drivers frequently, resulting in fatal road mishaps.

* Highway and Freeway accidents also are high in number. Most vehicles travel in abnormal speed in highways and freeways. Such driving can prove fatal. Injuries basically occur in brains, spinal cords, backs, and necks. Amputation, broken bones, and deaths are also not unusual.

* High speed accident is another common type of road mishap. Violating speed-limits is quite common among drivers, who are not ready to realize how damaging speed can be, especially in the high-ways.

* Rollovers are common accidents involving vehicles, in which an automobile turns over on its roof or on its side following a sharp, high-speed turn, or a collision. Some varieties of cars are more vulnerable to these mishaps.

To establish a claim you must meet three requirements. You must prove:

* the other driver was at fault

* you have incurred damages

* damages that are being claimed were actually caused by the automobile accident

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